‘How I Tricked Myself into Drinking More Water’

Am I Doing This Right? A Millennial’s Journey into Health Today’s guest article is by Emily, a community manager at Shop Your Way. She is not (self-admittedly) by any means a health and fitness expert. However, she loves running, yoga...

8 Smart Swaps to Make Comfort Foods Healthier

The chill in the air brings out more than just sweaters. It also awakens the craving for heartier, more comforting foods to warm our bodies from the inside. But a change of season doesn’t have to mean leaving your quest for a better beach body...

6 Ways to Work Out as a Family

Family Health and Fitness Day USA is Sept. 29 this year. Motivate the entire family to get moving with these out-of-the-ordinary activities. Just watching a child rip and run around a playground can make even a fit adult feel exhausted. There’s a...

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