Make Every Day Earth Day

Become an Eco-Warrior

Turn your corner of the world into a better place. It only takes minor changes, small steps and smart choices to help the environment. Follow these tips and get started! 

Start Outside:

  • – Plant a tree or small garden with local plants to give birds, insects and bees a place to thrive.
  • – Head to your local nursery or hardware store and ask for plants or trees that are local to your area.
  • – Choose a plant for the proper placement in square footage and make sure you like the colors, leaves or shape for a more enjoyable garden.

Tip: Choose perennials for a more sustainable garden from both an economic and eco-friendly standpoint. Great choices include Aster, Hydrangea, Phlox and Yarrow. Creeping Phlox is a popular choice for gardens with walls for an incredible spillover of flowers effect.

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Help the Environment by Helping Others: 

  • – Help a friend or neighbor with a lawn or house project. Besides the value you bring to helping someone else, the intrinsic happiness is incredibly valuable and lifts your own energy and outlook.

Tip: Help someone with any task, especially something weekly or monthly that alleviates stress or hardship. Mowing takes 30 minutes on average, do you have 30 minutes to help your neighbor out?

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Save Money & Save the Environment

What you buy and use daily has environmental consequences. From a plastic bottle of soda, styrofoam container to the simple plastic bag at your local grocery store.

  • – The average American buys an average of 167 disposable plastic water bottles, costing you $266, a year. Want to cut the costs? With our average life span soaring to 80 years old, you could theoretically save $17,290 in your lifetime with a reusable water bottle.
  •  – A low average of 23% of plastic are recycled each year. The rest ends up in our oceans, landfills, and communities—polluting the environment. It is estimated that 10-20 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, costing up to $13 billion a year in losses from damage to the marine ecosystems, clean-up costs, financial losses to fisheries and ocean-based tourism.
  • – Imagine how many times you’ve taken home food from a restaurant. Styrofoam takes over 500 years to biodegrade. 

Tip: Always have a reusable shopping bag in your car or daily routine bag. Cutting down on plastic bags in many states is a personal choice, as with many eco-friendly initiatives. But in cities such as Washington DC where plastic bags cost $.05, the initiative has decreased bag trash in the rivers by 75% from the start of the law. Always have a water bottle with you and refill when you’re empty. Many public places have water filling stations to refill with filtered water. Bring Tupperware out to eat. If you normally don’t finish your whole meal and know you’ll be bringing some home, bring a food container with you and box up your leftovers.  

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Bring the Good Indoors

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  • – Choosing a green lifestyle can start with organic foods. From vegetables and fruits to delicious foods made with organic ingredients, you are helping to eliminate pesticides from aquifers, streams and rivers.  
  • – House plants can reduce stress, reduce air pollution and allergens and reduce noise pollution emitted by household electronic devices.

Tip: Add a Chinese Evergreen or Money Plant to improve oxygen levels in your home. While a Peace Lily will help filter out dangerous compounds in the air, but be careful to read about house plants and which aren’t to be ingested by humans or pets.  

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