Here’s Where You Should Go for Spring Break This Year

Spring Break plays an important role in the year. It marks the end of winter, gives you a chance to relax, and symbolizes the coming of warmer months. For that reason, it’s often a time to celebrate.

44% of American families travel somewhere for Spring Break, along with 53% of college students and Millennials, according to It’s become a cultural and societal standard. Some view Spring Break as a time to have fun, while others use it as a chance to unwind and relax.  Depending on what you want to do, you may want to explore different destinations.

If you want to have fun: Vegas and Miami topped ABC News’ list of US- based party destinations last year. With lots of beaches, bars and entertainment, there’s always something to do if you want to let loose. (What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…)

If you want to relax: Anywhere with a beach is almost guaranteed to be relaxing (just make sure you aren’t in the middle of a party zone). Beach towns like Ocean City, MD and Coco Beach, FL have the perfect mix of tourist attractions and those relaxing walks on the beach you’ve been dreaming about since mid-winter. And don’t forget about all the great food you can find on the boardwalk!

If you want to go abroad: Last year, 35% of American travelers said they wanted to visit another country during Spring Break. According to, Cancun was the most popular international destination for vacationers in 2018. With its white sand beaches and beautiful waters, Cancun is highly regarded as a great vacation spot, no matter how you want to spend your time there.

If you want family time: There’s always the classic Disney parks (Nothing says ‘Happy Spring Break’ like a selfie with Donald Duck), or you can hit up the indoor waterpark scene of Wisconsin Dells. If you’re aiming for something more educational, try visiting your state capital or Washington, DC. Great photo opportunities and fun for the whole family!

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