GasBuddy: 7 App Tips to Fuel Better

GasBuddy is a Shop Your Way partner that helps you fuel your way. Earning CASHBACK in points on every gallon helps you save more and spend less. Check out these features you may have missed on the GasBuddy app:

1. FILTER FOR FUEL that you need
Don’t waste gas driving around looking for a specific type of fuel. Diesel? e85? Premium? Filter for what gas you need to customize your results and find it faster.


2. AMENITIES for your convenience Did you know we track amenities so whether you are looking for a restroom, car wash, propane, ATM (and more), click on what you are looking for to find the closest station that can fulfill your needs? No more roaming and guessing! You can also contribute to our tracking by suggesting a station edit and updating it with an amenity you see at the station.


Never second guess vehicle safety. Ensure your car is safe by creating a Car Profile and you’ll be notified of any recalls on your vehicle. Add multiple vehicles and even track fuel mileage.


4. Lightning-fast QUICK REPORTS
No need to go deep into the station detail to report. A quick tap of the price will open the “Report Prices” screen so you can report faster. More reports = more chances to win FREE GAS!



5. Follow the LEADERBOARD
We like to make price reporting fun and you can track how to stack up to the competition month-to-month by checking out the leaderboard. Are you the leading Buddy in your area?


Gas prices are volatile! Get notified when prices suddenly start to rise in your area, and have enough time to fill-up before all local stations are affected.



7. RATINGS AND REVIEWS Get the inside scoop on a station before visiting with ratings and reviews written by fellow GasBuddies. If you like what you see, get directions to that station on the same screen.


Do you use GasBuddy? If yes; thank you. If not (yet); start your engines!

LifeYourWay Editor