Creating an operating system for your everyday life

Shop Your Way has grown and innovated to find better ways to help you get more, every day, your way.

So how does an ‘Operating System’ help?

Running things like your smartphone or laptop computer, an operating system is the platform that supports something’s basic functions, like scheduling tasks, executing ideas, and controlling external devices that aim to enhance usefulness and the overall experience.

When put that way, everyone should have an operating system. Support basic functions, schedule tasks, execute ideas, control external devices – for a useful experience. That’s what Shop Your Way aims for every day…and improves upon with frequent innovations.


When exploring a personal operating system for everyday life and the innovations that drive your Shop Your Way experience, a major portion must be technology of course. But instead of finding cool things and how they could then be forced into your life, Shop Your Way starts with your life and develops technology to make it cooler.

Innovation: no need to explain the science, here are ways the Shop Your Way website and app help make your life more rewarding —

•Platforms that recognize your past activity to make your experience that much more personalized. Like ‘Pick Up Where You Left Off’ that recognizes your prior searchings, or ‘Featured Catalogs for Inspiration’ that looks at what you like and recommends products that are similar or related.

•‘Catalogs by the Community’ where you can see similar folks and what they’re shopping for to help you in your searches, leading to a friend list of members across the nation with interests similar to yours.

•Games like WinIt! and Sweeps not only entertain millions of members, but reward with points and actual products you’ve wished to get.


Shopping: in-store and on-line

Shopping can be equally enjoyable as well as frustrating. We shop to get things we need for our everyday lives, and also for things we want to make our lives that much more enjoyable. has a marketplace of thousands of your favorite brands and on-line stores all in one place for ease and time savings – plus the ‘old-fashioned’ experience of shopping in a real store in your neighborhood, with partners Sears, Sears Outlet, Sears Auto Center, Hometown stores, Kmart, Lands’ End, and more.

Innovation: what about actually being rewarded for that everyday (and special occasion) shopping? The Shop Your Way operating system rewards you with CASHBACK in points you earn on everyday shopping to be redeemed on things you want – so your weekly paper towels, tissues, and laundry detergent can add up for something fantastic – like a new refrigerator or fall wardrobe. Now that’s innovative.



Just like the external devices that enhance usefulness and the overall experience, Shop Your Way has teamed up with big brand partners that do the same for your life. The Sears MasterCard® from Shop Your Way is the top-of-wallet way to reward yourself with points quickly; GasBuddy finds you the cheapest gas around and saves you money on every gallon; UberEats delivers the dinner you want when you want it, fuboTV streams your favorite TV shows when you want them without the high cost of cable; Avis and Budget rent you a car at terrific rates, and more.

Innovation: again, Shop Your Way then rewards you for living your daily life with these partners by offering CASHBACK in points for every tankful, delivery, and binge-watching weekend.


Personal Services

As consumers with lots of choices, we come to expect and demand excellent service no matter what. That’s amped up with Shop Your Way VIP, rewarding members even more for… just being good at being rewarded! Shop Your Way VIP members receive special offers that make their lives even easier and more efficient – like car oil changes for only $4.99. And MAX offers FREE 2-day delivery for only $39 a year – not at $119 annually like some ‘premier’ shopping sites. Same number of hours to your doorstep, just less dollars out of your pocket.

Innovation: and Shop Your Way goes the additional step by providing you with a Personal Shopper for…wait for it… FREE. Your Personal Shopper can investigate, search, and source products for you – it’s like your own valet service. Shopping to the next level is when someone else does all the less ‘fun’ parts. That is the ultimate in service.


Life your way

Shop Your Way truly helps you live life your way – from shopping your way, to partners your way, to services your way, to technology your way.


Shop Your Way is FREE and actually REWARDS YOU for doing what you already do.

Now that’s innovation!

Your way.

LifeYourWay Editor