THERE’s always a good time and bad time to do or try something. There’s also a best day…and sometimes worst.

What to do and when to do it? Here are a few hacks to help you maximize YOUR week YOUR way, with the best day to…

No surprise that Sunday is the day of the sun. Many cultures and religions mark Sunday as the first day of the week.

It’s also the best day to book travel. Set up your stay using Shop Your Way Hotels to get your best deal at the best place at the best time. Hoping it’s sunny. 


Monday is the day of the moon. Naturally, as it takes its light from the sun, it follows Sunday. Also the first day of the work week or school week, Monday often doesn’t get much love.

It is, however, the best day to gas up your car. Prices are typically lower this day than its six siblings. GasBuddy will help find the best prices at stations nearby you, and potentially save even more per gallon when purchased with Pay with GasBuddy. There’s the love. 


Known as the day of Mars, and starring in  ‘two for Tuesday,’ it is in fact named after a one-armed Norse warrior god. Also the most productive workday as well as the best day to go to the DMV (fewer lines to get that driver’s license renewed).

Tuesday is the best day to dine out but the worst to go grocery shopping. These are likely linked together.


Wednesday: in German called ‘Mittwoch’ – literally middle of the week (not sure how to say “hump day” in German or even in dromedary). It’s the day of Mercury, and the best day to go to the doctor and to buy a car. For fun, it’s the best day to play Win It Sweeps through Shop Your Way. Check out Wild Wins Wednesday.


Thursday: is also the day of Jupiter/Zeus (who threw lightning bolts, causing….) thunder. Germans call it the day of thunder– Donnerstag – Thunderday. It’s also Throwback Thursday, the best day to list a home for sale, the best day to fly, and the home of Thanksgiving. It’s also the best day to break up with someone (hence the lightning).

‘Thunderday’ is also the heaviest traffic day, so consider Uber on this day to get you there. Link your account with Shop Your Way and you’ll receive $2 CASHBACK in points each ride or Uber Eats delivery. Boom.


 The day of Venus. Translates as Free Day, and many would say Freedom Day begins at 5 pm. Friday can be both Good and Black. If you’re lucky, Friday the 13th can go 14 months between occurrences – but many years are struck with three Friday the thirteenths. On a lucky note, Friday is the best day to book your wedding (availabilities and pricing). And Friday is actually the best day for Uber drivers – lots of folks going out and about.


Saturday: day of Saturn. And while Friday announces the weekend, Saturday embodies it. As the songs go, Saturday is the preferred day for In the Park, Taking a Bath (at night), and even For Fighting (again, at night).

Add in being perfect for sitting back and binge-watching a favorite series or streaming movies and sports. Fubo can help you begin streaming.

Whatever the day, make it your way.

LifeYourWay Editor