It’s Not Being Lazy — You’ve Earned It


Not everyone is a billionaire – okay, who is? – but we regular folk can still enjoy the perks of having others do many of our daily chores for us: like having a chauffeur, a chef, a personal shopper, and more — with the help of Shop Your Way.

Don’t think of it as being lazy, think of it as being rewarded; you’ve earned it!

According to Forbes magazine, there are 127 billionaires who simply inherited their fortunes. No work to do, just be born to a lucky bloodline. Talk about lazy.

Actually earning your good fortune can take a variety of different paths, but most reap the benefits by enjoying what they’ve earned. Simply living your life the way you wish, doing the everyday things you already do can be rewarding as well. Shop Your Way looks at how you just being you can bring you the perks of those born with silver spoons, like:

A chef. Having the meal you want prepared by someone else and brought to you just the way you like is no longer only for those employing a personal chef. When you’ve linked your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts (for your ‘chauffeur”, too – see below), you also receive $2 CASHBACK in points for each Uber EATS order. Bon Appetit!

A chauffeur.  Being driven around is a luxury we can all enjoy. By linking your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts, you can earn $2 CASHBACK in points every time you beckon your Uber chauffeur. That’s riding your way.


A personal shopper. Going out to search for, price, and compare items you need isn’t high on everyone’s list of enjoyable chores…but having someone do it for you certainly may be. Shop Your Way membership means having a personal shopper do much of the shopping legwork for you – all you have to do is ask. At your service.

So sit back, indulge in being a bit ‘lazy’ – which actually means you’ve earned it!

Image sources:, shutterstock

LifeYourWay Editor