Vacation + Staycation = Lo-Cation



Vacation + Stay-cation = Lo-cation

Vacation: an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

Staycation: a vacation spent at home.

Lo-cation: ??

When the ideal time to recreate is dwindling, and a vacation isn’t in the cards, but a staycation just doesn’t seem to be quite enough, consider a lo-cation.

As a local-vacation, a “lo-cation” fulfils the whole idea of getting away, but without having to get away too far, or for too long. Hassle is minimal, but enjoyment is maximized.


  1. The first step is to determine your destination. Draw a digital circle around your home and map out what is reachable by a tank of gas or less. It may be as close as the town next door. Remember, it’s not necessarily about you going a good distance away, but to distance yourself away for good away time.

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  1. Book your hotel. This is a key step in a great lo-cation, as the whole idea of a comfortable place where you’ve all the conveniences of home…only better: cleaning and cooking are done for you, and (finally!) people are paid to look after your needs. Again, better than home.

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  1. Embrace the not-so-commonplace. Every town has its unique tastes – in recreation and dining. Visit an old drive in for popcorn and a (really) big screen movie, find a legit toboggan run in the winter, or even a mom & pop antique or funky art store any time of year. Nearly every town has its own local historical area for stretches of sweet boutiques and one-off shops. These retail stores thrive off tourists, so unearth a treasure or two to take home. You can even be rewarded for it by using the Sears® Mastercard® with Shop Your Way®.

For dining, eat where the locals eat – a good word from a citizen or friendly passersby when you get there will go a long way to seeing you enjoy what the town has to offer. A great tip: join the local Facebook group and see what the townsfolk rave about.

Alternatively, embrace the commonplace/comfort-place. A hotel even in the next town over means someone else washes the towels, someone else makes the bed, someone else cooks the food, someone else cleans the pool.

If you’re a family person, the kids may blissfully not know the difference from going across town versus going across country. The hotel pool (indoor or out) is just as splashy, the hotel bed is just as bouncy, the pizza delivery is just as yummy, and eating while sitting on the (bouncy) bed watching a pay-per-view movie is just as rule-breakingly acceptable.

If it’s just you and your S.O., many of the same rules apply: order room service, put out the do not disturb sign, take a long bath, sleep in, all from the exotic locale of the next town over.

So summer’s not over… not quite yet. Enjoy it while you can with a stress-free, fun-filled Lo-Cation.

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