4 Unique Ideas for Celebrating the Fourth

Whether the weather has you indoors or out, here are four fun, Fourth of July activities you can do inside or take to the great outdoors.

Fireworks Craft

Things are about to get messy, but the messier the better when it comes to crafting! Find a suitable place indoors, or bring this activity out to the yard, deck or patio for ultimate fun.

You’ll need a few things to get started:

  • Paint (finger, tempera or acrylic will work best – make it washable!)
  • Disposable plates
  • Paper
  • Household supplies to make the ‘fireworks’ such as plastic forks, empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes and a round scrub brush. Feel free to get creative with your tool selection.

Simple instructions:

  1. Pour paint into different disposable plates. One for each color.
  2. If using toilet paper or paper towel tubes, cut the tubes lengthwise into strips. Cut the tubes at different lengths to make different sized fireworks.

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3. Use the tools you’ve selected to create fireworks of different sizes and textures. Let kids explore with different tools and techniques.


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4. Once dry, you can use your festive artwork as placemats for your Fourth of July feast or turn them into cards and send to military personnel and first responders (see below).

Add some zest to your BBQ

Set up a build-a-kabob station at your party and let your guests assemble their own culinary creations (meaning less work for you–win!). Be sure to keep red meat, seafood, poultry and veggies separate; refrigerate items until guests are ready to assemble.

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Grilling is standard American fare on Independence Day, but taking it indoors? That’s chic! If the rain or scorching temps are keeping you inside, your party game doesn’t need to fizzle–get out an electric tabletop grill.

Amp up the entertainment factor and have guests do the grilling. They’ll gain some laughs, gathering around your impromptu indoor barbeque.

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Serve with your favorite sides and beverages for a fun, festive Fourth of July celebration indoors or out.

Drive-in movies (without the drive)

After the fireworks, enjoy watching your favorite American film outdoors, drive-in-movie style! Set up your movie-watching area during the day using a simple sheet or garage door for projecting. Recreate your own outdoor theater with the following:

  • Determine the area: You will want a your space to have access to electricity and to be plenty dark–avoid areas with outdoor lighting.
  • Build the screen: If you don’t have a screen ready, you’ll want to create one by hanging a white sheet from a high enough space, and backing it with a dark-colored sheet. Add weights to your screen if you feel it may shift in the breeze.
  • Set it up: Connect your DVD player to the projector, then connect audio the DVD player to your speakers. Computer speakers work well if you have them on hand.
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Not in the mood to deal with the elements? Pop into your local movie theatre and enjoy the air conditioning while catching the latest blockbuster, or stream your favorite binge-program’s Independence Day episode.

Honoring those who’ve served

Our independence is celebrated annually each July, but made possible by those who serve us every day, making our freedoms possible — this time of year is ideal to show your appreciation for those who have served and are currently serving.

A very simple way to help is by writing a letter that will lift the spirits of someone who needs it ( This is an activity great for all ages, so don’t be shy about including kids or young party guests. Remember that artwork we created earlier? Transform it into cards!

If you have more time on your hands, another way to help is by contributing to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. This is an ongoing effort to preserve veteran stories and there are two main ways you can help. If you know a veteran who would be willing to share their story, gather details using the provided Field Kit and send the completed collection to the Library of Congress. You can also help by searching the submissions and sharing them with friends on social media.


No matter how you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, have a blast, relishing in all the red, white and blue America has to offer.


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