#SYWShowoff my parents house flooded in Hurricane Harvey last month. Sadly my parents’ Kenmore washer machine of 20 yrs is no longer operable due to the flooded waters. My mom called me and wanted a new washer machine. She only wanted a Kenmore because they last forever (except thru natural disasters and 500 year floods). We went shopping last week at Sears looking for Kenmore washers. My mom fell in love with the Kenmore washer which was priced at $430, regular price at $720. I had received an email that morning that said “Our thoughts are with you and your neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey. Your community is our community too. Since you’re a valued member, Shop Your Way┬« has added $45 FREECASH in points* to your account: a small gesture to help you recover. You can spend these points at Sears, Kmart or shopyourway.com.” This was a blessing in disguise. I paid only $385 for the washer machine!!! On top of that I earned $50 in cash back in points for the purchase. I also got free delivery!! It pays to be a shop your way rewards member! Thank you sears and shop your way. I hope to win the sweepstakes to help pay for everything lost in the hurricane.

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