Visual Catalogs

By Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

One of the main features in Delver is Catalogs – these are lists of products and web pages that you can create, edit with your friends and share. Catalogs can be used for many purposes, here are some of mine: books wish list, currently on my playlist, My 10 all time favorite movies and gift ideas for dad.

Here’s an easy way to make your catalogs even cooler: we call this feature “Visual Catalogs”.

You start by uploading an image for your catalog by clicking the “add catalog image” button on the catalog page:

Then, you can tag the products that are in the catalog inside the image you uploaded (like you can tag friends in an image on Facebook):

Now, when your friends are browsing the catalog, they can move the mouse over the image and see the products that you tagged.

Here are some examples of Visual Catalogs created by Delver users: bookshelf, New kitchen, My desk @ delver, My Camera Gear and Ronaldo – Write the Future.

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