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Holiday Hacks

SYW 101, Seasonal | December 13, 2022 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter

We know that staying within budget can be challenging during the holiday shopping season. To ensure you spend less, save time, and find exactly what you need, here are 10 holiday hacks to help you make the most out of this season.

Holiday Hacks:

  1. Take advantage of loyalty and rewards programs. Did you know Shop Your Way Members have earned over 1 billion in rewards back in recent years alone? It is as simple as making the same everyday purchases you normally would but when using programs like Shop Your Way, you are earning basically free money in return!
  2. Cash in your loyalty rewards. It is estimated that there is near $100 billion in unclaimed and unused loyalty rewards in market today. Keep track of your rewards and when they expire so you do not miss out on easy savings. Shop Your Way believes life should be rewarding and that is why we offer hundreds of gift card choices for our Members to redeem their points on. Whether you decide to treat yourself at Dunkin Donuts or choose to gift an Amazon gift card to a friend this season, we are here to help.
  3. Make a list and plan ahead. Shopping responsibly begins with a list in hand, and sticking to it is key. Focus on what you need versus what you want and remember to resist the urge of impulse shopping. Keeping these simple tips in mind will help you save to the max!
  4. Price check. With a smart phone in nearly everyones pocket these days, it takes less than a minute to compare prices across a variety of online and in-store retailers. Do not forget to check if the store you are making the purchase from offers price matching too.
  5. Buddy system. Shop with a friend who will help keep you focused and accountable to your holiday budget this year. Plus, spending time together is what the season is all about!
  6. Buy used or like new. Hosting a party or simply trying to decorate your house? Resale marketplaces such as can be a great way to save money this season by purchasing discounted products. Did you know places like Amazon and Best Buy offer discounts for open box items? Plus, not only can they can be found right in your Shop Your Way app but you can earn extra points back too!
  7. Clip those coupons. Just as simple as price checking, doing a quick search for online coupons before making your purchase can save you big. There are even browser extensions you can download that will show you even more ways to save at checkout!
  8. DIY. While everyone seems to want the latest gadgets or shiniest new toys; it has been said that we are to give from our heart (not always our wallet). Have you considered making someone a gift this year? This can be done by simply making a personalized photo album, baking homemade cookies, or knitting a cozy winter accessory for someone. Whatever you choose, we promise it will be delivered with a genuine and authentic touch.
  9. Donations. As the season is truly all about giving, what better time to donate to your favorite charitable organizations or even make a donation on behalf of another as a gift. Don’t forget that you can also write off certain charitable donations to help save money too.
  10. Local Travel & Dining. With ride share apps you can reduce expenses by sharing the costs with others and also staying safe by not driving yourself home from holiday parties this year. Did you know you can get over $10 back in rewards on booking your ride with Uber in the SYW app? You can also find discounted options for local parking through our Partner too! Plus, in the SYW app you can both discover local restaurants near you and activate member offers to earn rewards back when dining there!

Our hope that by sharing these holiday hacks, you will find more savings and more time this year. The holiday season is meant to be spent making memories with those you care most about, so let’s all be sure to live in the moment this year. Though no matter how you choose to spend the holidays, we at Shop Your Way hope that your time is filled with an abundance of joy and happiness.

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