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5 Safety Tips for Spring Break Road Trips  

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Spring break is here again! There’s loads of excitement in the air, and students are itching to go on long road trips or beach getaways. Air travel costs aren’t really a student’s best friend. And that makes road trips a popular option for Spring Break adventures.

However, taking on road trips does come with its own challenges. Students going on Spring Break Road trips are mostly young drivers who’ve just recently got their driving license. So, things could get real messy real fast if you aren’t careful enough. The adrenaline rush of going on a road trip with friends could quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t careful!

Every driver needs to know about resting, safe parking, and following traffic rules before going on their first long road trip. Let’s take a look at some of the essential safety tips for Spring Break 2021 Road Trips!

1. Never overestimate your driving skills

Yup, we get it. You’re young, you think you’re invincible. You may even think you’re the best driver that ever hit the roads. But whether this is your first or tenth Spring Break road trip, you must never overestimate your driving skills. This is even more important if you are taking a road trip through a new route for the first time. Always maintain your speed and don’t drive rashly or under the influence. If you start to feel sleepy at any given time, move your vehicle to the side of the road, and relax as required. If you still don’t feel refreshed, rest at a hotel or motel before continuing again.   

2. Avoid night driving if you can

There are very few creatures who sleep during the day and stay awake throughout the night, and there are good reasons for this too! Most of our senses relax and slow down during the nighttime. And if you’ve had a busy day, the last thing you need is to be driving through the night. A recent study by National Safety Council concluded that night is one of the most dangerous times to drive and accounted for nearly 50% of traffic deaths at night. You could be driving one moment, and the next second, drowsiness takes over. Falling asleep while driving is a leading cause of fatal accidents at nighttime. Unless you are driving with a group of fully rested individuals who agree to take turns driving, driving during the night is a risk you need to avoid!

3. Don’t forget about your pre-road trip safety check  

While choosing the time you want to drive is more of a personal choice, pre-trip safety checks are a mandatory safety tip that everyone should make a habit of. Long road trips often need your car to be in its absolute best condition. As the COVID-19 pandemic had put handbrakes on movement, most cars haven’t seen long roads in a while. If you are returning to the roads with friends and family after a while, it’s crucial to make sure that your car is in perfect running condition. As a standard check-up, make sure the tires, spark plugs, wires, air filters, and fuel filters are working correctly. If the tires have excessive wear, getting them changed before starting your Spring Break road trip would be a good idea.   

So make sure you check your car thoroughly before a road trip.

4. Remember to take precautions against the coronavirus 

The worst of a pandemic seems to be over. We’ve got our vaccination, our boosters, and things are looking better. However, that does not necessarily mean that you can avoid wearing masks or stop using hand sanitizers. There is still no proper cure for the virus, and the vaccine is intended primarily to improve your immunity and resistance. If your Spring Break road trip takes multiple days to complete, make sure you are carrying multiple face masks and hand sanitizers. Wash your hand or cleanse it with a sanitizer after coming into contact with public surfaces. Keep your distance from people outside your traveling group.  Make sure you book your contactless parking spot ahead of time to avoid unnecessary contact at parking lots. 

5. Follow traffic rules and avoid distractions

Now, this is primarily for new drivers who are not used to driving long road trips. While the idea of hitting the road trips for Spring Break sounds exciting, there are plenty of hazards along the entire way that you need to be aware of. Don’t get carried away with all the excitement of going on a road trip. Follow all road traffic rules like following the speed limit, wearing seatbelts all the time, maintaining a fair distance from the vehicle ahead of you, and following traffic signboards and signals.

Spring break road trips are usually taken as leisure trips with friends and family and are easily distracted. Be extra cautious not to get carried away into making driver errors that could prove to be fatal. Remember, when you are driving, cell phones are way off limits! If you need to use your phone, park your car to the side, use the cell phone, and restart driving when your need for a cell phone is over for good.    

If you had a long day partying, or celebrating Spring Break, book a parking spot online through, park your car at the designated spot, and rest before continuing your spring break road trips. Spring Break should be all about making good memories, so focus on staying safe and never push your luck by driving under the influence or driving faster than your guardian angels can fly! 

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