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31 Days of October Fun

Seasonal, Holiday October 5, 2022 Share to Facebook Share to Twitter
Days of October

Many other months will get their votes, but October certainly deserves a place in the top three months for fun (kudos also to December, July as fun-worthy). The weather changes, as does your wardrobe, your eating, your activities — in large part due to the last day of the month. Halloween, too, can bring out the kid in all. 

So to enjoy every day this month of fun offers, follow this ‘bucket list’ of sorts — 31 days of fun in October!

1. Pick up Oct. decor

Ideas & inspiration on fall home, decor – leaf through these

2. Think fall fashion

Browse new fall fashion from sweaters to earth tones, boots to whatever strikes your fashion fancy

3. Bake an apple pie

Pick ’em fresh from a nearby orchard (or nearby grocer)

4. National Taco Day

Prepare yourself or have them delivered, pronto

5. Leaf Peeping

Enjoy Nature’s fall palette nearby you

6. Backyard Bon Fire

39 S’mores hacks, you won’t regret

7. Fall cooking & baking, healthier

Being good can taste good

8. Halloween Costumes

Store-bought or homemade dress-up fun

9. Jump in a pile of leaves

Rake. Romp. Repeat.

10. Get outside for a fall hike/walk

Fall leaves perfect for being crunched by warm boots

11. Bake Pumpkin Bread

Did you know pumpkin is great for Dogs too?

12. Adventure through a corn maze

Find one near you today, right here!

13. Go apple picking

Plan a visit to a local Orchard in your state here!

14. Tailgating/Watch a pro football game

Tossing the pigskin at halftime can help get kiddos into the game as well!

15. Make candy apples

or caramel apples. Just use up those beauties picked on the 13th.

16. Create a fall wreath (or just buy one!)

Welcome the season, welcome friends

17. Brew up some hot apple cider

Sweet, savory, and soothing

18. Decorate home

Whether it’s DIY or purchased, your kids will cherish the memories made!

19. Costume party

Can’t find a costume? Need hosting ideas? Leave a comment and we can help!

20. Pumpkin patch picking

Browse local hot spots near you with a single click!

21. Carve pumpkins

Transform that gentle gourd into a jeering jack-o-lantern

22. Roast pumpkin seeds

Perfect with apple cider

23. Watch a historic baseball game

Cheer on the team of October…or boo them

24. Pick up your favorite candy

All treats, no tricks but get it before it’s gone!

25. Travel to a spooky city

Visit these old haunts

26. Host a spooky movie night

Chill and be chilled

27. Visit a haunted house

Maybe that house is your own home

28. Make a Halloween craft

Prepare for fright night

29. Eat a cider doughnut

In 3 days, you may not be able to find them any longer

30. Prepare your favorite slow cooker recipe for Halloween night

Set and forget for a satisfying supper

31. Trick or Treating

If you’ve done all 31, you’re guaranteed a Happy Halloween!

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