6 Ways to Work Out as a Family

Family Health and Fitness Day USA is Sept. 29 this year. Motivate the entire family to get moving with these out-of-the-ordinary activities.

Just watching a child rip and run around a playground can make even a fit adult feel exhausted. There’s a reason for that: Recent research has found that children have fatigue-resistant muscles and are able to recover from high-intensity exercise more quickly than adult endurance athletes.

It takes a lot to channel that energy, and children require more exercise than adults do. But parents who match their children’s activity level may reap better health benefits, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports, making a strong case for adopting a family-friendly approach to exercise.

Image source: Sarah Pflug from Burst


Making Fitness a Family Affair

Health experts recommend one hour or more of physical activity every day for kids ages 6 to 17, with most of the time spent doing aerobic activity. They prescribe just 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity (or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity) for grownups.

Adult who bump up to 5 hours or more hours a week of moderately-intense aerobic activity (or 2 hours and 30 minutes of vigorous activity)—closer to the recommendation for children—will gain a healthier return, the CDC says.

There’s another reason to make fitness a family affair: Most kids do not get enough exercise in their regular daily routines. At school, recess is just over 20 minutes per day on average—if it’s offered at all. So, filling the gap with physical activities at home will pay off for both youngsters and parents alike.

Channel that energy

Image source: gametime.com

Looking for ideas that family members of all ages will enjoy? Consider these beyond-the-basic physical activities to get everyone’s hearts pumping.

Reconsider the playground. Increasingly, park districts and recreational facilities are designing playgrounds with more than just kids in mind. Multigenerational playgrounds and outdoor fitness or challenge parks are popping up across the country, outfitted with exercise equipment, obstacle courses and adult-size swings and play structures that invite both grownups and children to get in on the action.

Reconsider the playground

Image source: gametime.com

⋅Explore a new place. If your family is bored with the familiar bike paths close to home, inject a sense of adventure by exercising in a new part of town. Bike-sharing programs are growing—and not just in big cities. With bike-sharing, you can leave your own wheels at home and rent a bike to explore a place you don’t normally frequent together. Just make sure that if you do decide to ride in a city, your kids are confident bike riders who know how to stay safe around cars.

⋅Couch to 5K for a cause. Why not encourage your family to mobilize—literally—around an issue that’s close to its heart? Find an upcoming 5K or similar event for a charity you want to support—or better still, let the kids research and suggest some causes that are important to them. Then train together (and raise money) as a family leading up to the event. The payoff will be much more than physical.


Muscles and Bones Matter, Too

In addition to aerobic activity, it’s recommended that children also take part in muscle- and bone-strengthening exercises at least three days a week, and adults do so at least two days a week.

Make a contest of it

Image source: gametime.com

⋅Make a contest of it. Push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and the like are great strength-training exercises for all ages. Divide the family into teams, pit the parents against the kids or challenge another family, and turn it into a competition. But don’t stop at one session. Organize a “tournament” with age-appropriate challenges and track everyone’s progress over several days or weeks.

⋅Dig in the dirt. Mowing the lawn checks the box for aerobic exercise, but digging, shoveling and hauling leaves and around the yard can extend the benefits to the bones and muscles—and to the rest of the family. Divvy up the duties and spend the whole day together working in the garden. Or, if you don’t have the space, consider signing the family up to tend a plot in a community garden.

⋅Practice yoga together—with a twist. September is National Yoga Awareness Month, and you don’t have to look very far to find a yoga class that will appeal to a family with disparate tastes. Look around your area for yoga classes at zoos, local ballparks and stadiums or even at animal rescues.

The recurring message within each of these six ideas is do it together. For more ideas and inspiration on health and  fitness, visit the Shop Your Way A Healthier You experience.



Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes are unstoppable forces of nature – but with sensible planning before and after one strikes, it may be possible to limit the amount of personal danger and disruption such a storm brings.

The Red Cross recommends a number of safety steps before, during, and after a hurricane strikes. Amongst these are:

  1. Make sure your emergency/evacuation kit is fully replenished and ready to go. This should include:
    • One gallon of drinking water per person, per day (evacuation slated as 3 days)
    • Non-perishable food, easily prepared (3 days worth)
    • Flashlight
    • Battery-powered radio with fresh batteries, extra batteries
    • First aid kit
    • Multi-purpose tool
    • Cell phones with chargers
    • Emergency blanket
    • Family and emergency contact information
    • Maps of the area
    • Personal necessities
      • Medications and medical items
      • Sanitation and other hygiene products
      • Copies of personal documents (medication/medical list, proof of address, insurance cards, etc.)
    • Extra cash
  1. Also consider these items:

  1. If staying in home, think of doing these:
    • Fill as many plastic bottles as are available with clean water for drinking
    • Fill bathtub and sinks with water for toilet flushing and/or washing clothes or floors
    • Fill your car’s gas tank
    • Unplug all unnecessary small appliances to avoid a later power surge; turn off all propane tanks
    • Secure or bring into home outdoor items like furniture that can be dangerously tossed by the wind
    • Listen to local or NOAA radio for updates
  1. During a storm:
    • Stay indoors; do not walk on beaches or in floodwater
    • Use flashlights to guide you in the dark
    • Continue to listen for updates on NOAA or local radio
  1. After the hurricane passes:
    • Remember the rain and potential flooding are still emergent
    • Contact family and friends to let them know you’re safe; register yourself as ‘safe and well’ on websites
    • Don’t use water that might be contaminated – not for brushing teeth, washing dishes, washing hands, or with any food preparation (including making ice or baby formula)
  1. When returning home, please consider:
    • Staying away if standing water surrounds your residence
    • Remaining clear from loose or downed power lines – report these immediately to the power company
    • Checking on your family’s emotional state – be able to talk through events and express feelings

Shop Your Way is also here to help you – please contact a Member Service Lead at (888) 266-6314 or reach out to one here.


Thank you, and please stay safe.

Leaf Peeping: Enjoying Fall Foliage

Fall is a welcome reprieve from summer’s seemingly endless heat and packed weekends of travel sports in far-flung suburbs. The changing leaves signal that it IS time to change: wardrobes, thermostat settings, sports, even clocks. Why not change how you view the season ? – from the impending approach of winter…to a celebration of Nature’s colorful display.

Whether you call it fall, autumn (or even the coming of winter), Nature paints a beautiful palette this time of year. From long, winding drives through the country, national parks with cliff-hanging turnouts or jaw-dropping, color-blazed mountain ranges – be sure to get out and enjoy the colors of the season. Here are 5 ideal areas for viewing fall foliage, also known as “leaf peeping.”


Elevation is everything in the beautiful Taconic Mountains that span New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The Adirondacks Mountains are also a strong contender for long weekends of leaf peeping. Fall foliage begins at the last week of September in the higher peaks and continues with the lower elevations through the end of October.


Just 80 miles north of Chicago, prime leaf peeping opportunities are abound in Door County, Wisconsin. Within a car drive are Hocking Hills in Ohio, Starved Rock in Illinois and Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in Michigan – each site bursts with color beginning in mid-September and extends through October. The combination of quaint, friendly towns as well as access to multiple state parks make the Midwest the area to fall for.


Leaf peeping takes its time in this region, so plan for mid-October fall color in Kentucky and Tennessee, and a late October/early November peak in: northern Alabama, the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia, the Smokie Mountains in Tennessee, Virginia’s Coastal Plan, the North Carolina Piedmont and the South Carolina mountains.

Great Plains

This year’s drought means an earlier, shorter fall color season, so plan for prime leaf peeping in mid-to-late September. Highlights: Colorado’s Peak to Peak Highway is perfect for aspen lovers; Maroon Bells and Steamboat Springs are regional favorites for all-around color; North Dakota’s Turtle Mountains, Fort Ransom State Park and Red River Valley offer beautiful bouquets of fall foliage.

West Coast

Late October is an across-the-board leaf peeper’s delight from California to Washington. Yosemite National Park is always a breathtaking option, as is Oregon’s historic Columbia River Highway. Washington’s Mount Walker, Northern Cascade National Park and Wenatchee Valley make for truly memorable weekend getaways.

Three things before you hop in the car:

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  2. Find the best gas prices — and be rewarded for that drive – by using GasBuddy.
  3. Weekends (and two-lane roads) get crowded in prime leaf-peeping locations. If possible, opt for a midweek excursion or a Sunday-to-Monday option.

And… don’t “leaf” anyone hanging: what’s your favorite fall foliage location? Comment with your pictures, opinions and Shop Your Way hotel recommendations.  Happy peeping!
















8 New Stadium Food Ideas for Your Backyard or Home-gate

You don’t have to be inside the stadium of your favorite football team to get a taste of the action. The mouthwatering, creative and downright wacky foods found on stadium menus can inspire your own game-day eats, whether you’re watching kickoff from the comfort of your fan cave or tailgating with friends.

Each year the offerings at arenas nationwide grow even more offbeat. The latest riffs on hot dogs, burgers and nachos include ever-spicier toppings, unexpected ethnic fusions and are-you-serious food mashups. 

Here is a roundup of the notable new foods at football stadiums from coast to coast:

Chicago Hot Chicken Fries

image courtesy: Aramark

from Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears

Seasoned popcorn chicken, beer cheese, hot sauce, crumbled blue cheese, carrot-celery slaw and a drizzle of cool-ranch dressing


Battle Red Tacos

image courtesy: Aramark

from NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans

Chicken tenders crusted in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, topped with mango pico de gallo and sriracha mayonnaise in a flour tortilla


Poke Nachos
Photo credit: Levi’s Stadium

from Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers

Wonton chips topped with fresh ahi tuna, avocado, edamame, nori (edible seaweed) and sriracha aioli.


Brat in a Blanket

image courtesy

from Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers

Bratwurst wrapped in melted cheese curds, topped with beer mustard on a pretzel bun.


Oven-fired Pizza Subs 

Photo credit: Ben Swanson/Denver Broncos

from Broncos Stadium at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos

Choice of meatballs or sausage on a hoagie bun, topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni and melted slices of mozzarella cheese.


Hoosier Mac and Cheese

Photo credit: Indianapolis Colts

from Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts

A seasoned tortilla bowl filled with pot roast, spinach and horseradish-cream sauce topped with baked cavatapi pasta, queso blanco and shredded Parmesan cheese.


Chesapeake Tacos

Photo credit: Aramark

from M&T Bank Stadium, Home of the Baltimore Ravens

Pulled chicken seasoned with Old Bay, Maryland crab dip, corn salsa, cheddar jack cheese on a purple-corn tortilla.


Churro Donut Sundae

Photo credit: Arizona Cardinals

University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals

A scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cinnamon-sugar churro donut topped with another scoop of ice cream and a second donut, drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel syrup with a strawberry on top. It’s served in a waffle-cone cup.


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Creating an operating system for your everyday life

Shop Your Way has grown and innovated to find better ways to help you get more, every day, your way.

So how does an ‘Operating System’ help?

Running things like your smartphone or laptop computer, an operating system is the platform that supports something’s basic functions, like scheduling tasks, executing ideas, and controlling external devices that aim to enhance usefulness and the overall experience.

When put that way, everyone should have an operating system. Support basic functions, schedule tasks, execute ideas, control external devices – for a useful experience. That’s what Shop Your Way aims for every day…and improves upon with frequent innovations.


When exploring a personal operating system for everyday life and the innovations that drive your Shop Your Way experience, a major portion must be technology of course. But instead of finding cool things and how they could then be forced into your life, Shop Your Way starts with your life and develops technology to make it cooler.

Innovation: no need to explain the science, here are ways the Shop Your Way website and app help make your life more rewarding —

•Platforms that recognize your past activity to make your experience that much more personalized. Like ‘Pick Up Where You Left Off’ that recognizes your prior searchings, or ‘Featured Catalogs for Inspiration’ that looks at what you like and recommends products that are similar or related.

•‘Catalogs by the Community’ where you can see similar folks and what they’re shopping for to help you in your searches, leading to a friend list of members across the nation with interests similar to yours.

•Games like WinIt! and Sweeps not only entertain millions of members, but reward with points and actual products you’ve wished to get.


Shopping: in-store and on-line

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Just like the external devices that enhance usefulness and the overall experience, Shop Your Way has teamed up with big brand partners that do the same for your life. The Sears MasterCard® from Shop Your Way is the top-of-wallet way to reward yourself with points quickly; GasBuddy finds you the cheapest gas around and saves you money on every gallon; UberEats delivers the dinner you want when you want it, fuboTV streams your favorite TV shows when you want them without the high cost of cable; Avis and Budget rent you a car at terrific rates, and more.

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Personal Services

As consumers with lots of choices, we come to expect and demand excellent service no matter what. That’s amped up with Shop Your Way VIP, rewarding members even more for… just being good at being rewarded! Shop Your Way VIP members receive special offers that make their lives even easier and more efficient – like car oil changes for only $4.99. And MAX offers FREE 2-day delivery for only $39 a year – not at $119 annually like some ‘premier’ shopping sites. Same number of hours to your doorstep, just less dollars out of your pocket.

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Life your way

Shop Your Way truly helps you live life your way – from shopping your way, to partners your way, to services your way, to technology your way.


Shop Your Way is FREE and actually REWARDS YOU for doing what you already do.

Now that’s innovation!

Your way.


The days are a bit shorter, the nights a bit longer. There’s a slight chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors. Shorts are swapped for sweaters, lawn mowers for rakes. It can mean only one thing:

Pumpkin Spice Season.

At first, it was your simple pies. Then the lattes. But now: cereal, granola, creamer, yogurt, beer, butter — the list keeps growing. There’s even pumpkin spice treats for dogs.

If you’re geared up for your PSL fix, embrace it. Here are some of our favorites offered through Shop Your Way.

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And let us know – what’s the wildest pumpkin spice product you’ve ‘fallen’ for? 😉


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National Dog Day AND the Dog Days of Summer? Honestly, your best friend is a star all year round.

The Dog Days of Summer are so named after the very hot, uncomfortable days following the appearance of Sirius, the Dog Star, in the eastern sky. Sirius itself is very bright – just as the following stars are with leading roles in these canine classic movies:

Eponymous (Epuppymous?) films

(Air) Bud





photo source: YouTube








Old Yeller


Underdog/A.K.A. Shoeshine Boy


(Because of) Winn Dixie





photo source: slantmagazine.com

Films with nearly a whole litter of dog stars

Best in Show: Beatrice, Champion Thank You Neil Sedaka, Hubert, Miss Agnes, Rhapsody in White, Tyrone

Eight Below: Buck, Shadow, Max, Maya, Truman, Dewey, Shorty, Old Jack

Hotel for Dogs: Lenny, Georgia, Cooper, Romeo, Shep, Juliet, Henry

photo source: reelingreviews.com

Snow Dogs: Nana, Demon, Avalanche, Little Aleutia, Chinook, Demon Jr.

Isle of Dogs: Duke, Boss, King, Rex, Chief


“Buddy” films

The Fox and the Hound: Copper

Turner and Hootch: Hootch

Marley and MeMarley

image source: firstshowing.net

Homeward Bound: Chance, Shadow


Rom Coms

Lady and the Tramp: Lady, Tramp

101 Dalmatians: Pongo, Perdita



Cujo: Cujo

Frankenweenie: Frankenweenie


Best Supporting Pups

The Wizard of Oz: Toto

The Thin Man: Asta

Little Rascals: Pete

image source: Stubby Dog

The Sandlot: The Beast

Coco: Dante

Harry Potter: Padfoot/aka Sirius Black

Ghostbusters: the Keymaster


Honorable Mentions

Reservoir Dogs

Dog Day Afternoon

War Dogs


Was your Fido-favorite not listed here? Let us know in comments below.

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Good human!







THERE’s always a good time and bad time to do or try something. There’s also a best day…and sometimes worst.

What to do and when to do it? Here are a few hacks to help you maximize YOUR week YOUR way, with the best day to…

No surprise that Sunday is the day of the sun. Many cultures and religions mark Sunday as the first day of the week.

It’s also the best day to book travel. Set up your stay using Shop Your Way Hotels to get your best deal at the best place at the best time. Hoping it’s sunny. 


Monday is the day of the moon. Naturally, as it takes its light from the sun, it follows Sunday. Also the first day of the work week or school week, Monday often doesn’t get much love.

It is, however, the best day to gas up your car. Prices are typically lower this day than its six siblings. GasBuddy will help find the best prices at stations nearby you, and potentially save even more per gallon when purchased with Pay with GasBuddy. There’s the love. 


Known as the day of Mars, and starring in  ‘two for Tuesday,’ it is in fact named after a one-armed Norse warrior god. Also the most productive workday as well as the best day to go to the DMV (fewer lines to get that driver’s license renewed).

Tuesday is the best day to dine out but the worst to go grocery shopping. These are likely linked together.


Wednesday: in German called ‘Mittwoch’ – literally middle of the week (not sure how to say “hump day” in German or even in dromedary). It’s the day of Mercury, and the best day to go to the doctor and to buy a car. For fun, it’s the best day to play Win It Sweeps through Shop Your Way. Check out Wild Wins Wednesday.


Thursday: is also the day of Jupiter/Zeus (who threw lightning bolts, causing….) thunder. Germans call it the day of thunder– Donnerstag – Thunderday. It’s also Throwback Thursday, the best day to list a home for sale, the best day to fly, and the home of Thanksgiving. It’s also the best day to break up with someone (hence the lightning).

‘Thunderday’ is also the heaviest traffic day, so consider Uber on this day to get you there. Link your account with Shop Your Way and you’ll receive $2 CASHBACK in points each ride or Uber Eats delivery. Boom.


 The day of Venus. Translates as Free Day, and many would say Freedom Day begins at 5 pm. Friday can be both Good and Black. If you’re lucky, Friday the 13th can go 14 months between occurrences – but many years are struck with three Friday the thirteenths. On a lucky note, Friday is the best day to book your wedding (availabilities and pricing). And Friday is actually the best day for Uber drivers – lots of folks going out and about.


Saturday: day of Saturn. And while Friday announces the weekend, Saturday embodies it. As the songs go, Saturday is the preferred day for In the Park, Taking a Bath (at night), and even For Fighting (again, at night).

Add in being perfect for sitting back and binge-watching a favorite series or streaming movies and sports. Fubo can help you begin streaming.

Whatever the day, make it your way.


Not everyone is a billionaire – okay, who is? – but we regular folk can still enjoy the perks of having others do many of our daily chores for us: like having a chauffeur, a chef, a personal shopper, and more — with the help of Shop Your Way.

Don’t think of it as being lazy, think of it as being rewarded; you’ve earned it!

According to Forbes magazine, there are 127 billionaires who simply inherited their fortunes. No work to do, just be born to a lucky bloodline. Talk about lazy.

Actually earning your good fortune can take a variety of different paths, but most reap the benefits by enjoying what they’ve earned. Simply living your life the way you wish, doing the everyday things you already do can be rewarding as well. Shop Your Way looks at how you just being you can bring you the perks of those born with silver spoons, like:

A chef. Having the meal you want prepared by someone else and brought to you just the way you like is no longer only for those employing a personal chef. When you’ve linked your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts (for your ‘chauffeur”, too – see below), you also receive $2 CASHBACK in points for each Uber EATS order. Bon Appetit!

A chauffeur.  Being driven around is a luxury we can all enjoy. By linking your Shop Your Way and Uber accounts, you can earn $2 CASHBACK in points every time you beckon your Uber chauffeur. That’s riding your way.


A personal shopper. Going out to search for, price, and compare items you need isn’t high on everyone’s list of enjoyable chores…but having someone do it for you certainly may be. Shop Your Way membership means having a personal shopper do much of the shopping legwork for you – all you have to do is ask. At your service.

So sit back, indulge in being a bit ‘lazy’ – which actually means you’ve earned it!

Image sources: inhousestaffing.com, shutterstock