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Hey, It’s The New You

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

This week’s update is special – it’s basically about you. Yes, you. See, we’ve gone and turned your profile page into a new and wonderful thing, and we’re excited.

Gone is the old timid page of yesterday. The new profile page is slick and cool. It’s aligned with the rest of the different pages on the site, keeping things consistent and pretty. And most importantly – it’s easy to navigate and extremely functional.

Check it out: your basic info is on top, next to your profile picture – how many people follow you, the number of catalogs you own etc.

Under that you’ll find the tabs. First is recent activity – all the stuff you’ve been up to lately, plus the ability to post a status message, photo, video or product. Next to it is the personal info tab that lets you edit the info you present about yourself.

Next comes the catalogs tab, giving you access and control over your collection. and last but not least, there’s the “more” menu, that lets you tinker with the insides of the machine. See who asked to follow you, edit your personal details and so much more.

This is just the beginning: the profile page is going to get even better, giving you all the info and control you could possibly want. Oh yes.

And a New Way in

Speaking of slick and pretty: we’ve got a new sign in/register process, and it’s short and sweet. The screens are cleaner and clearer. The process itself is shorter and easier to complete. It’s like we built a shiny new highway leading to our place, so you all can come visit.


So come in and enjoy the site. Bring your friends along.

And stay tuned.