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Search, With a Little Help From Friends

Monday, December 10th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

The holidays are keeping our little elves busy, crating lovely new features to make your shopping lives better. You may have already noticed their work…

Did you feel something different about your newsfeed lately? Did you notice it’s got more of that Christmas cheer? Well it’s no coincidence. By giving Holiday related stories a little boost we made sure your experience on the site will be in the holiday spirit. We also have a special Christmas page!

Who Owns that?

Our hard working elves were also busy improving our search engine – adding new capabilities that will make your holiday shopping that much easier.

After typing your desired item and clicking enter, you’ll notice lots of new options. You can sort the results by price, relevancy and alphabetical order. Which is great and makes sense, but the really exciting part is sorting by your friends’ relation to the item.

What does that mean? You can sort items by how many indications of like, own and want they got on the site. Is the product you’re looking for on everybody’s wish list? Did it get lots of likes? Definitely something you’d like to know, isn’t it?

We’ve got a lot more coming your way. Stay tuned!


Oh My, It Keeps Getting Awesomer

Monday, June 4th, 2012

By Avishay Lavie, Software Engineer at Sears Social

Oh hi there! It’s time for our weekly news update. Well, as you might expect, we’ve been hard at work improving the new experience, which is the formal corporate name for what we internally refer to as “Project Mega-Awesome”. This week brings a host of newly designed pages and components. Let’s take a quick tour around the exciting new stuff, shall we?

Tag, Store and Brand Pages Get Beefed Up

Brands, stores and tags got some serious treatment this week. For example, clicking the Questions tab will show you the questions and polls related to the topic at hand. You could help other users interested in the same things, or have some fun answering some polls about the stuff you care about, all without sacrificing the sparkly, fuzzy feeling of amazingness delivered by the new experience.


Similarly, the newly-added Catalogs tab helps you find related catalogs, which in themselves are a great opportunity to get acquainted with some new users or skip that social nonsense entirely and dive directly into the hot new products. Plus, there’s that sudden surge of joy you feel when you see your own catalog featured on a tag page.

Lastly, if you’re a store, brand or tag administrator, you can now enjoy the new experience on the Settings tab. Defining newsfeed rules has never been so much fun.

Show a Newsfeed Story Where Credit is Due

We’re not resting on the newsfeed front either. Now you can get the credit you deserve when adding new products to ShopYourWay:

Are You Following This?

The Catalog also got a new tab. Click the Followers tab to see who’s following the catalog, with beautiful large images spread across the entire window. And they could have their own set of cool catalogs, each with its own followers… it’s a slippery slope, really. Except, well, this particular slope is actually a beautifully-designed, super-fun water slide. Yes.

The Fast and the Fabulous

So yeah, the new site has some real pretty pages. But why waste time waiting for pages to reload if you just want a quick impression of something? And while we’re at it, is there an excuse for that quick impression not to be as amazing as the rest of the site?

No. No there isn’t. That’s exactly what we told ourselves when we set out to design and build the new amazing quickviews.

The Catalog Quickview, for example, is a delicate balance of functionality and OMG PRETTY.

The image and video quickviews have less functionality to deal with, so they can focus on their sweet new looks.

Yes, our design team certainly knows what it’s doing out there in the small cubicle where we keep them. But don’t take my words and screenshots for it – go check everything out for yourself. We hope you’ll have as much fun using all these new features as we had building them. See you next time!


It’s The New Experience

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

We’ve been teasing you for a couple of weeks now – and it’s time to stop playing around and show you what we’ve been working so hard on.

It's new and awsome


If you’ll take a look at the site you’ll see an innocent small button on the bottom left. It says “try the new experience”. Click on it and see the page transform into our new, cool design.

You’ll immediately see the difference. Gone is the old newsfeed – Instead you’ll see a larger variety of stories and larger images spread across the screen. It doesn’t matter what screen or resolution you’re using – the site will adapt the display to fit in nicely.

Not only does the page look great, it also lets you easily discover the stuff that really interests you. The focus of the new design is discovery – making it easy and fun to explore and find the right items and fellow shoppers for you.

What else? You’ll notice that the left nav is slimmer and more compact. A couple of clicks into the site and it’ll disappear completely and get out of the way – until you hover over the site logo, that is.

Before it does, take a look at the departments button. Just hover over it with your mouse to see our categories and sub-categories – no need for clicks, just a quick and elegant gesture with your hand and that’s it.



And last but certainly not least – all of your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS info is located on the top of the page, in an easy to reach compact window.

Just click on the REWARDS button and you’ll see you r point balance, VIP status and a link to your account history page – everything a shopper needs.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working on lots of new and awesome stuff. So take a tour and let us know what you think. and stay tuned…



New Stories, Cool Brands, Friendly Mobile

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

Continuing last week’s brand festivities, we have – as these lines are being written – over 20 brands with loving and caring owners. Check out, for example, the Nike, Shop Your Way Rewards and Apple pages and you’ll find cool new content to enjoy and interact with.

Nike brand page

And this is just the beginning. We plan to let brand owners have more and more control over brand pages and the user experience. Changing logos, adding outside links, creating user activities and communicating with the community – it’s all coming soon to a brand page near you. we even set up a nice and easy guide for brand owners. We’re that nice.

It’s Hot

We got some new and cool stories for you – search your feed and ye shall find the latest headlines about the newest most desired gadgets around. Find out what’s happening with the new iPhone, the Galaxy Nexus or the Kindle Fire – and check their prices right here at Sears Social.


Shop Your Way Mobile-Style

We keep taking huge giant like steps towards fully integrating your Shop Your Way Rewards experience with our mobile app. now you can see your current status, manage your points, see all your account history and filter it any way you like, and much more. So go mobile, it’s the bomb.

A Better View, the Buzz, and a Little Magic

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

Remember that nice quick view window we told you about last week? The one that lets you see all the info about a product without the hassle of going to a whole new page? Now you can use it to recommend a product to a friend. See that orange thumbs up icon? Click it and let your buddy know he should really buy that leaf blower.

The Buzz

We’ve got a new story type for you – what’s buzzing. Want to know what the latest news is? Let us do the research for you. We’ll check what the hottest topics on the internet are, find the latest relevant headlines, and let you search for related products on Sears Social. Just sit back and read.

it's buzzzzzing

The Trends

The “now trending” feature at Sears Social holds a few interesting surprises. Basically it lets you in on what people are talking about on the site – and apparently they’re talking about some interesting stuff.

Take this magic wand for example. It’s really a remote control that can “learn” the infrared codes of up to 13 remotes and assign them to predefined gestures. The bottom line: you wave your wand around ant the TV’s turned on! How cool is that?

Shop It Like It’s Hot

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

by Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

This week is about taking our relationship with our users to the next level. The warm and fuzzy level.

We started out by making you feel welcome. New to the site, or just not signed in? Next time you drop by you’ll see a nice big Banner, welcoming you to Sears Social, explaining why you should stay and play with us, and all in all acting like the perfect host.

Once you step inside you’ll find familiar faces: if you are a member of Shop Your Way Rewards (if not – you should be, check it out here) you’ll be happy to discover stories about special deals and opportunities for SYWR members in our newsfeed.

Follow That Store!

Up until now Sears Social helped you find stores near you, and that was that. We decided it just wasn’t enough. After all we are trying to bring social interaction to shopping, right?

So from now on you can follow stores.

Pick the one near your house or near your place of work, click follow and soon you’ll start receiving useful and money saving information about the place. It’s online shopping and brick and mortar stores living in perfect harmony.

Interests, Ideas and More Recommendations

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

By Avishay Lavie, Software Engineer at Sears Social

All Your Interests in One Place

We semi-secretly launched Tags a while ago, and we think that following tags can be a significant part in the way you tailor your Sears Social experience to suit your personal taste. But for this to happen, we’ll need to give you a way to manage the tags you’re following.

This week’s release adds just that, in the form of a new page called “my interests”. This lets you track and manage the categories and tags you find interesting, and provides a quick way to remove the ones you added by mistake that night when you logged in drunk (don’t worry, we’re totally cool with that).

Ideas & Know-How from Manage My Life

We’re experimenting with a new kind of content on Sears Social, powered by This week we’ll be adding some ideas and know-how advice to the newsfeed, like this one:

Let us know what you think!

More Recommendations

Speaking of newsfeed, remember this?

What’s missing here? That’s right, more recommendation options!

Don’t sweat it; we got this. There you go:

You’re welcome.

Smart Hiding, Smart Tags and Mobile Wisdom

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

by Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

Hide and Seek Just Got Better

Here’s a dilemma. You just saw a boring update in your Sears Social feed. It happens. Naturally, you want to hide it, and you want the system to remember that and not bother you again. The thing is, the story is about a subject you’re interested in, from a user you like – but the two just don’t mix.

For example – your grandmother recommend a movie. You like movie, and love grandma, but her taste in cinema – not so much. So what do you do? Up until now you could only hide all posts from granny or about movies. The new hide options will let you be specific. Starting next week, You will be able to hide stories form a specific user about a specific subject – and even determine for how long it will be hidden. Check it out.

Tags Just Got Faster

We just added a cool feature that will help your sore clicking finger: from now on when you see an interesting tag anywhere across the site all you have to do is point at it – a window with all the information and links that you need will magically appear. No clicking required.

You’ll see a description of the tag, how many people are following it and so on and be able to follow it yourself from that same window. Easy.

Polls Just Got Mobile.

iPhone users can now answer our amusing yet thought provoking polls about their hobbies, interests and shopping habits. See a question that’s relevant to you? Click an answer and see if other people voted in a similar way.

Don’t have our app on your iOs device yet? Get it here.

Faster Recommendations, Retrieving Hidden Stories, Cliques for (almost) Everyone

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

By Yvonne French, Product Manager at Sears Social

Improving Our Speed…

We try to be good listeners here at Sears Social – when you tell us about the things you own, want or are generally interested in, we take note and then seek out more stuff you’ll enjoy (and we’ve got a lot of stuff!).
Recently, we challenged ourselves to do this even faster, so we now proudly unveil our lightning-quick (almost) recommendations. Try it out – tell us about a product you own, like or want and immediately see recommended products in your newsfeed.

…and Memory

Although we listen well, we’ve been forgetful at times… like that time we recommended a product you already told us you liked or owned? Well, no more! Starting this week, you’ll no longer see recommendations in your newsfeed for products you’ve previously interacted with. Whew, what a relief!

That’s Sooo Yesterday

Love those newsfeed stories about top-selling products? Under-whelmed when you see the same top-selling product 2 days in a row? Yup, we fixed that too!

Now, Where Did I Put That…?

You know that anxious feeling you get when something is missing and you just cannot remember where you’ve put it? Rest assured that this will never again happen in your Sears Social newsfeed because we’ve added an “undo” option for stories you’ve just hidden. Not only do we help you find hidden stories, we even tell you when stories are missing from your feed because of “hide” filters you previously selected. You can see and manage your hide filters on the Recent Activity Filters tab on your Settings page.

We wish we could offer you a similar solution for missing socks, keys and homework!

Knitter, Baker, Sleeper, Sailor…

If your passion is creating works of art from wood, yarn or even food, you’re in luck! We’ve got 6 new cliques where creative types can hang out and share ideas.

And, adding to our eclectic mix, this week we also launched cliques for lovers of animals, water, the news and all things sleep-related.

We’re not done yet… watch out for more cliques coming your way soon!

Promote Your Page

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

We wanted to let you know about some great new ways to ensure higher visibility for the posts you publish on your page.

When you post an image or a video that’s related to a certain holiday or event, there’s an “Add tag” option on the bottom of the window. Click it, type the relevant tag – e.g. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving – and that’s it—you’re done!

Note that you can also tag products, but in most cases they will already have been tagged automatically – so make sure it’s really necessary before doing so.


You can start using “Add Tags” right now! Holiday tags will be promoted until a day after the holiday itself.


Important: Please make sure the content is relevant to specific holidays and tags, and that it’s interesting and engaging. Remember, it will be exposed to a large number of users on the homepage.

Also – don’t post too many items at once, as they’ll get lost in the flood. One item every once in a while will be enough.