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The New Exploration Menu

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Stores You Follow

We’ve recently added a new tab to our new menu design that’s strictly dedicated to stores.

We’re making it quick and easy to find the stores you want by name, discover nearby stores, access stores you’ve asked to get updates on, keep track of the stores you already visited or are currently following, and see which stores your friends have visited.

To try out this new feature, jump on over to the “Stores” tab and start finding your favorite stores! 

Quick Search

In addition to the search bar at the top of the page that always appears, this week we’ve added a side search bar for the Brands, Topics, Catalogs, and People menus.

Now when you are busy discovering new interests, you’ll be able to directly search in the category that you are already browsing.

New Celeb Promotions

Our two latest additions to ShopyYourWay—Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine, are receiving a lot of interest. We want the excitement to continue, so are giving you some new opportunities to connect.

Starting with Adam Levine, he’ll be hosting his first sweepstakes on ShopYourWay. It runs from now until March 1, and gives you a chance to win an autographed guitar!

And, as part of Adam’s upcoming Kmart collection, he’ll be holding a press conference on Thursday, Feb 21. We already have a special tab to stream the event live, so make sure to check him out at 4:00 PM EST here.

For Nicki, we see that you Barbz just can’t get enough of her! Well, we’ve heard your feedback and are now on the fast-track to implementing new enhancements that make it way easier to connect directly to her.

To start, we are putting Nicki’s newsfeed stories at the top of her page so that you find the Barbz love even faster. We’ve also made it easier to upload images, figure out how to use the site with direct links to our Help Pages, and created a pop-up window to see all the comments on her posts.


On the mobile front, make sure to stop by the iPhone App store to download the latest version of Shop’in.

We’ve made some serious improvements in this version, including the Deals tab (from within the store’s page), which now shows multiple lists of deals. All types of deals are now placed within the same location into one screen for easy viewing.

You’ll also be able to choose a deal type by selecting it from a scrollable tab at the top of the screen, making it even easier to find the types of deals you want. You can also try swiping between tabs to find different deals that are interesting for you.

And, we are giving you even more improvements to help you locate your favorite stores. Our Maps section now uses the newest Google Maps API for better locating and guidance, finding the right stores for you when you need them the most.

Weekly SHOP YOUR WAY REWARD Member Deals

Now, more than ever, is a good time to become a SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Member.

Besides all the amazing benefits, Members will now start to see Member-exclusive weekly deals in their newsfeeds.

If you want these great benefits, then make sure to sign up – it’s easy, fast, and free!

Happy shopping!

Redeem Points Before 2013!

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

One great improvement that we are fitting in right before the New Year is especially for ShopYourWay Rewards members. Now when you shop on ShopYourWay, you can redeem points while purchasing products.

It used to be that you had to go all the way to the drop-down menu to check your points status. Not anymore! A new notification message will appear on the product page to remind you of your current point’s value and their expiration date. This way, you can easily use your points on all the latest holiday deals.

Did you mean…?

Do you sometimes type so fast that all the letters get jumbled together? No worries! We’ve got you covered.

You can now misspell all you want in the search box and still get the search results that you are looking for. With auto-correct, we are offering up alternative results (correct spelling suggestions).

Now, it doesn’t matter if you spell telvision, telavision, televission, or television – we know what you mean (by the way, can you tell which one is not going to need the auto-correct?).

Now You See It, Now You Don’t…See It Closer!

Last, but not least, we are improving our product pages by offering additional and larger photos of the same product. Instead of just one view, you can zoom in on product photos to see the details of what’s really there, and make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Now that you get the big picture [literally], the only thing that’s left to do is shop!

‘Tis the Season for Snow

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

It was just a month ago that the leaves began to turn colors and the weather got colder. With piles of leaves covering your yard and hours of work ahead, it was time to get rakin’. Helping you decide between eight similar rakes, you turned to other shoppers’ reviews to find the best rake for you.

Now the season is changing again and heavy snow is just around the corner. Though, like the leaves, it’s beautiful at first, it’s only a matter of time before it turns to slush. Are you going to stick with your old shovel, or rely on a new snowblower to get the job done? Let help you choose with trusted reviews on the latest products.

Rating Products Just Got Easier

This week we are introducing a new action menu to products in the Order Details page, making it easier to rate items and give feedback on your recent purchases.

You will be able to rate products, add them to your catalogs, write reviews, and share on ShopYourWay, e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook without having to search the website for products you already have.

Hovering over a product on this list will activate the tool and allow you to share your favorite products just as you do throughout the rest of the site.

What is especially nice about this feature is how easy it makes it to help fellow shoppers out by adding your views and opinions about an item you bought.

Don’t Fret if You Missed Black Friday

If you were hoping to get the season’s best deals with Black Friday savings, but couldn’t get out of bed from Turkey overload, you can still save big with new daily deals. This year, let your friends help you create the perfect winter wish list.

If you head over to your notifications page, you can easily catch up on whatever you missed. In the spirit of the holidays, we made it prettier. With every notification an image of the tag or picture of the person triggering the notification now appears alongside the new post.

This way, you will be able to identify each new post with an image, which makes it even easier to identify who is doing what within your social network.

Check out what your friend’s bought and let them guide you with trusted shopper reviews. Did that shovel you got last winter give out, and since then you’ve been coveting your neighbor’s new snowblower he got at Sears? Perhaps this year it’s time to make the upgrade!

Stay tuned for more upcoming features that will help your holiday shopping!

There’s a New Deal in Town

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay
The shopping season is at full speed, and we on ShopYourWay keep rolling out the features to make your shopping experience smoother and easier.

And we’re picking up the pace as well. We introduced a new type of deal to the site – the deal of the day. It’s a great opportunity for shoppers with a quick mouse finger: Get a cool product at a great price – but for one day only. You snooze you lose!

Click on the deals tab in the homepage, and check it out: you can see the regular price and the (lower) one you’ll be asked to pay, The deals start and end time, and most important of all – you can click on add to cart and get it.

The Short Way to the Top

We’ve also been busy catering to the needs of page curators – you guys who manage pages and add awesome content to ShopYourWay.

If you’re managing a page – if not you can create one – you can now make sure your users see the best content first. Hover over an item, either one you posted or one posted by users. Basically any cool piece of content. Now click “stick to top” and see what happens.

Yes – the item appears on the top left of the page, and stays there, no matter what. You can have up to ten items “stuck”. Want to shake things up a little? “un-stick” an item following the same method.

Better Advice

And last but not least – we improved our help me choose polls, making them not only prettier but more helpful. You can now see how users voted even before you click, using the sage advice of your peers to decide what to buy.

Lots more coming. Enjoy the holidays – and stay tuned.

We’ve Got Mail

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

We’re taking our mailing system to the next level – and you’re invited to come along.

We’ve been fine tuning our new messaging system, turning it into the perfect tool for delivering the latest on the best deals and offers. Now we’re offering you your own ShopYourWay email address – a single inbox for all deals and benefits.

This comes hot on the heels of adding Kmart promotions and Sunday promotions emails to existing messages, to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Create your own email box, and direct all offers and coupons to one place. Comfy.

Check Your Left Side


Speaking of messages did you notice, while looking for them on the left navigation – did you notice the change?

Yes, it’s the new left navigation! Slicker, prettier, better. Aside from looking better, we made it more comfortable to use. It’s now divided into four sections:

  • Shop by – letting you easily find the venue you’re looking for.
  • Manage – handle your stuff on the site, like catalogs and interests.
  • Apps – our ever growing list of great applications.
  • Learn more – help pages, information about various programs – all you need to know about ShopYourWay.

Much easier to use, isn’t it? let us know what you think.


And stay tuned.




Out With the Old, In With the New

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Its official: as of right now, the new design of Shop Your Way is king. The old design has left the building, for good. Users can now enjoy the full benefits – both functional and aesthetic – of the new site.

Growing up is a process. It doesn’t happen in one day. And moving from the old site to the new one was similar – delicate and complex. We were moving away not from an old graphic design, but from a certain mindset that affected the site’s functionality.

During the interim period users could have switched to the old site, mainly as a means to access features that were not yet migrated to the new design. Now that the process is complete, there is no further need of switching back and forth: All of the site’s great features are available in one enticing experience.

The new site’s design emphasizes flexibility. The display adjusts itself to fit your screen of choice. Various filters let you control the information you receive. The new profile page lets you easily jump back and forth from your personal info to your interests to your catalogs – everything in one place.

The quickview offers a quick summary of everything you need to know. Catalogs aggregate all of your stuff in an easy to get display. Everything is fast and easy to understand and configure.

And let’s not forget: very pretty as well. Looks are important!

We hope you enjoy the new site – we have lots of new features and improvements coming up. So stay tuned.

United We Stand

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

As we told you in the previous post, the new profile page is where it’s at – all the cool stuff under one roof. And we have no intention to stop: We’ve added a couple of cool new features to your profile. Take a look.

First and foremost we added a nifty little tab called interests. The idea is simple and smart: all of the stuff you follow or showed interest in presented in one place, combining great looks with ease of use.

You can even filter those interests by brands, stores, categories etc. making it even easier and quicker to find what you want. Cool.

Another new tab is badges – we took the old badges page, gave it a bit of a face lift and added it to the new profile page.

Filter of Power

Now, let’s leave the new and glorious profile and move to the homepage. We have some exciting news there as well: filters!

Not sure what we mean? Take a look at the top of the page: you now have a list of tabs that let you filter the page and see exactly what you want to see. Want to check out images and videos only? No problem. Is it deals you’re after? Just click the right filter.

Two of those deserve special attention: the questions tab collects all question related items – polls, question asked by users etc. – in one place. The knowledge tab is a collection of user reviews, product news and Manage my Life articles.

You get the idea – maximum content at a minimal effort. Enjoy the site!

And stay tuned.


Oh My, It Keeps Getting Awesomer

Monday, June 4th, 2012

By Avishay Lavie, Software Engineer at Sears Social

Oh hi there! It’s time for our weekly news update. Well, as you might expect, we’ve been hard at work improving the new experience, which is the formal corporate name for what we internally refer to as “Project Mega-Awesome”. This week brings a host of newly designed pages and components. Let’s take a quick tour around the exciting new stuff, shall we?

Tag, Store and Brand Pages Get Beefed Up

Brands, stores and tags got some serious treatment this week. For example, clicking the Questions tab will show you the questions and polls related to the topic at hand. You could help other users interested in the same things, or have some fun answering some polls about the stuff you care about, all without sacrificing the sparkly, fuzzy feeling of amazingness delivered by the new experience.


Similarly, the newly-added Catalogs tab helps you find related catalogs, which in themselves are a great opportunity to get acquainted with some new users or skip that social nonsense entirely and dive directly into the hot new products. Plus, there’s that sudden surge of joy you feel when you see your own catalog featured on a tag page.

Lastly, if you’re a store, brand or tag administrator, you can now enjoy the new experience on the Settings tab. Defining newsfeed rules has never been so much fun.

Show a Newsfeed Story Where Credit is Due

We’re not resting on the newsfeed front either. Now you can get the credit you deserve when adding new products to ShopYourWay:

Are You Following This?

The Catalog also got a new tab. Click the Followers tab to see who’s following the catalog, with beautiful large images spread across the entire window. And they could have their own set of cool catalogs, each with its own followers… it’s a slippery slope, really. Except, well, this particular slope is actually a beautifully-designed, super-fun water slide. Yes.

The Fast and the Fabulous

So yeah, the new site has some real pretty pages. But why waste time waiting for pages to reload if you just want a quick impression of something? And while we’re at it, is there an excuse for that quick impression not to be as amazing as the rest of the site?

No. No there isn’t. That’s exactly what we told ourselves when we set out to design and build the new amazing quickviews.

The Catalog Quickview, for example, is a delicate balance of functionality and OMG PRETTY.

The image and video quickviews have less functionality to deal with, so they can focus on their sweet new looks.

Yes, our design team certainly knows what it’s doing out there in the small cubicle where we keep them. But don’t take my words and screenshots for it – go check everything out for yourself. We hope you’ll have as much fun using all these new features as we had building them. See you next time!


Full Steam Ahead

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

So – the cat is out of the bag, as we’ve told you last week. The site’s new design is now available for all users to experience, and as we promised, we’re going to keep rolling out more improvements and additions.

This week we’ve turned our attention to tag pages – brands, stores etc. Just take a look: Gone is the old single column newsfeed design. The new pages look sleek and modern, offering a much larger variety of items and stories across the page.

The old left navigation is gone as well, replaced by tabs – more convenient and takes up less space. Store pages get a nice display of store opening hours and a map, in case you need some directions.

Meanwhile catalogs get a boost as well, with a new catalog display, showing off some of the items in the catalog on the cover. Check out your catalogs display – it’s cool.

And yes – this is still far from over. We’re going to keep adding new amazing stuff on a weekly basis. We remind you again – all you have to do is click on that little button in the bottom left of the homepage that says “try the new experience”. A few of you guys will discover they were lucky and get the new design as their default version.

The new ShopYourWay is moving, full steam ahead. Get on board…

It’s The New Experience

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

We’ve been teasing you for a couple of weeks now – and it’s time to stop playing around and show you what we’ve been working so hard on.

It's new and awsome


If you’ll take a look at the site you’ll see an innocent small button on the bottom left. It says “try the new experience”. Click on it and see the page transform into our new, cool design.

You’ll immediately see the difference. Gone is the old newsfeed – Instead you’ll see a larger variety of stories and larger images spread across the screen. It doesn’t matter what screen or resolution you’re using – the site will adapt the display to fit in nicely.

Not only does the page look great, it also lets you easily discover the stuff that really interests you. The focus of the new design is discovery – making it easy and fun to explore and find the right items and fellow shoppers for you.

What else? You’ll notice that the left nav is slimmer and more compact. A couple of clicks into the site and it’ll disappear completely and get out of the way – until you hover over the site logo, that is.

Before it does, take a look at the departments button. Just hover over it with your mouse to see our categories and sub-categories – no need for clicks, just a quick and elegant gesture with your hand and that’s it.



And last but certainly not least – all of your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS info is located on the top of the page, in an easy to reach compact window.

Just click on the REWARDS button and you’ll see you r point balance, VIP status and a link to your account history page – everything a shopper needs.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working on lots of new and awesome stuff. So take a tour and let us know what you think. and stay tuned…