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The Next Level of Shop’in

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Get ready, the next Android version of Shop’in is out!

For those of you always on the go, we are serving up a set of new tools to compare prices, see related products, browse/scan for product info, access product research tools, get in store map/navigation, and buy products online that you can then either pick up in the store or have delivered to your home – it’s now all accessible, all the time, wherever you are.

When you Shop’in (check in) to a store, you can Shop, get Deals, and access Store Services all from the store’s page.

We want to give you the best of both the online and offline worlds. With the new Shop’in you can ask friends for advice, consult with an associate, publish a question, or get a recommendation both in the store, at home, and on the go.

What’s more is that we are providing additional benefits for ShopYourWay members. You’ll be able to see deals and events, eCoupons, badges, prizes, and make returns or exchanges right from your phone.

Make sure to stay up to date and get the latest version of Shop’in for your Android or iPhone.

Shop Your (Android) Way

Monday, September 10th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Well you probably guessed it – yes, we have a Shop Your Way android app! And it’s cool. Now those of you with Google powered smartphones can join the fun and use our new app for a better and cooler shopping experience.

So what can you do with our app? First of all you can get all the info you need. See how many SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS points you have and what’s your VIP status. Browse through your purchase history, and see what’s in your online shopping cart.

What else? You’ve got your REWARDS card right there in your phone, including your PIN number. You can also check out available deals, and use a search engine to look for products.

But hey, better yet – you can scan items in a store with the app and learn all you need to know about the product.

Our mobile team is just warming up – lots of exciting stuff is coming your way, and soon.

Meanwhile on Apple Territory

All that hard android work did not hurt our ongoing efforts to make our iPhone app even better. In the last couple of weeks we completely re-designed all pages on the app, making them easier to navigate – and extremely good looking too.

Let’s start with you. Yes, you. Your profile page not only looks better, it also supports hero ads, bringing more customization options to the table. But it’s not only the profile page that got an upgrade: brand pages look cool, and store pages have store hours and other information clearly presented.

And for those of you managing a page on Shop Your Way – check out the left navigation. Yes, that’s a quick access link to your pages. Not enough? We upgraded our mobile search engine to easily track down pages. Just because we were in a good mood.

And there’s more coming – Apple is about to let loose with a new iPhone and a new version of iOs – and we’ll be ready. Stay tuned.


Control Your Pages On The Go

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Our Mobile team delivered a couple of really cool features this week. The main element in both of them is controlling your ShopYourWay communication from your iPhone. Not just letting users consume info on the go – but also add it to the app and the site.

The first feature is going to be a hit among you page managers out there: You can now post a status message or image as your page – directly from the newsfeed.

Just click on the post status area and check out the new update status window. Pretty, we know. If you manage a page or three you’ll see a “post as” button on the bottom right. Click it, choose the page you want to post as – and voila. It’ll be published on the relevant page, as the relevant identity. Elegant.

Another important task you can complete from your mobile phone is uploading a profile picture. Having a profile pic really adds personality to your account, and helps other users relate to you. So: go to your profile page on the app, click on the image and upload that great pic of that perfect smile.

Tag that Video


Things are happening on the site as well, naturally. As of now you will be able to add tags to video clips and pictures as you upload them. Try adding one now, and you’ll see a text field dedicated to tagging.

The implications are quite cool – you can now tag a video clip with the public figure appearing in it, or with products relevant to it, In addition to adding it to a catalog. This is a powerful tool that will make the site even more awesome, if that’s even possible.

Enjoy the site (and the app!).

And stay tuned…



We Are at Full Speed!

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay
This is it folks! We are now officially strutting around in our new clothes. All users arriving on ShopYourWay will see it in its newly designed glory. Yes, we are quite proud, thanks.

And of course, we wasted no time in celebrations, and have a few nifty new features to tell you about. That’s just how we roll.

So what do we have for you this week: let’s take a look at store pages, for example. First of all, notice how everything looks better and more organized, and how easy it is to locate the opening hours and other important info.

Now if you’ll look closely you’ll see a new tab titled “Searslocalad” – which translates roughly to “amazing deals you really shouldn’t miss in a store near you”. Yes, you can now check out specific deals in each store, and get some great products while saving money. Nice of us, we know.

What else you ask? Well our department pages just got a new tab as well, “categories”, letting you check out the specific sub-category you’re interested in. If you’re into video games, you can browse and even follow just that specific category.

And last but not least – when browsing catalogs in a brand page, you can now sort them and view only catalogs created by the page curator, or by the community.

We’ll Let You Know

The mobile team has been hard at work: hot local deals? You can find them on our iPhone app too. You can also check if those items you crave reached your favorite store, and set up an availability notification so you don’t have to keep staring at the screen all the time. We’ve got you covered, no worries.

Stay tuned. More cool stuff coming next week!


The Fast and the Fabulous

Monday, June 11th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

The word today is: speed. It’s a fast moving world, and we aim to not only keep up – we want to be in the lead. The common theme of this week’s features is putting the pedal to the metal. Letting you get all the info you need in a single glance – fast.

Let’s start with a couple of innovations in the quick view department. They don’t call it quick view for nothing, now do they? The idea is to pack all the essentials into one compact and efficient box.

This week we did it in two very important areas – catalogs and people. Do you have the time to sit back and enjoy our lovely new catalogs at your leisure? Great.  If you’re in a hurry though, why not use our new shiny quick view.

Click on a catalog once and you’ll get a compact nifty view of all the important stuff. The catalog’s cover, how many items are in it, their estimated value, creation date, relevant tags etc. You can enter the catalog and check out all the great stuff in it – or make an informed decision to follow it, look at its creator profile or add a tag.

Same goes for the user profile. See a user who seems interesting? Click on the dude, check out the quick view and learn a lot about him in no time at all. His catalogs, his pic against that sleek black background and a whole lot more.

What Was the Question?

Any questions so far? No? Good. And if we are on the subject: one of the cool things about ShopYourWay is the ability to ask questions and see other users’ questions and answers about products you’re interested in. So – we decided to speed things up here as well. From now on you’ll be able to see how many answers there are for a question about a product in one quick efficient glance. Again – it’s about getting the info you need, and fast.

Mobile and Friendly

Needless to say, when it comes to speed mobile is at the front, burning rubber. Did you Shopin lately? From now on there’ll be a clear indication of who shopped in with whom on the site’s newsfeed.

That’s not all: our mobile app now has hot deals – those time limited offers you just can’t miss – and a so much better product page. It’s got a variety of images and an indication of how many users liked it. Better be quick and decide. Speed is the name of the game.

Check (it) Out In Mobile

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

This is big: coming soon to an iPhone near you – in your pocket or purse, actually – is the ability to buy products on the go. Just choose a product, check out, and you’re done.


Our mobile team has been hard at work for the last couple of weeks to bring you this. Think about it: you’re on the move, walking on the sidewalk or commuting, and suddenly you remember that power drill/dress/ console game you just have to buy. No computer around, no time to go to the store.

No problem. Grab your mobile, open the App, find a store near you – mobile means local, right? – and buy the item. You can choose to ship it home, or pick it up in the store.

That’s not all: expect a smoother and better Shopin experience including the ability to add friends when you Shopin somewhere, bug fixes and lots more.

The Plot Thickens

Remember we wrote about that amazing stuff we’re busy with? And how we can’t tell you about it? Well we still can’t. Yes, we are going to keep teasing a little while longer. But trust us – in the very near future, the whole shop your way experience will change, dramatically.



Mobile News and a Mystery

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

So what’s new, you ask? How come we’re keeping a little quiet lately?

Well first of all there is news. Our mobile team has been hard at work improving our lovely iPhone app.

If you’ll kindly take a look, you’ll see that the Shopin experience has gotten a lot smoother and better looking. Want to shopin at a store and let your friends know you’re there? It’s a lot more fun from now on.

You can also post messages on your favorite brand pages, and are less likely to encounter annoying bugs along the way – our mobile team did a thorough job of squashing them.

So what else? How about some more news and features? Well actually we can’t tell you right now. We’ve been very very busy on some pretty amazing stuff which we can’t reveal just yet – but soon, we promise.

Stay tuned. You’re going to see some pretty amazing stuff real soon.

Really amazing…

More Pages for You!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

It’s page frenzy over here: we keep rolling out new page types and connecting them all together.

What’s up this week? Well, we’ve got new special pages for places – that hotel you just stayed in for example, or your favorite Kmart store.

Park Hotel

We’ve also got topic pages, created automatically from stories in our site. Say we just published a story about redecorating houses. Want to learn more or discuss with fellow shoppers? Go to the newly created redecorating topic page. Great, isn’t it?

Not only that, but we’ll help you discover specific pages that we know you’ll like. You’ll get recommendations to follow pages according to your tastes and interests in the suggested activity box on the right rail. You’ll also see related pages in your favorite brand or clique page. It’s one smooth seamless experience

Games, Fun and Mobile

We didn’t mention sweepstakes for a while, but rest assured they’re still here and going strong. Check out the new ones we just uploaded – it’s fun!

Also, on mobile: you can now post stuff on your friends’ wall. You can also delete a status message you published with an elegant swipe of your finger. Almost makes you want to delete stuff for the heck of it. Enjoy!



The Rise of the Brand Pages

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Continuing last week’s momentum, we rolled out some more features enhancing the abilities of page admins across the site. We’re giving away super-powers here, people.

Handymen clique

This week is about inter-relations, and how things work together. Here we go: brand owners will now be able to post on other pages under the brand identity. Example: if you’re managing the Craftsman brand, and see a discussion on the Handymen clique page you can post a relevant status as the brand. Easy and practical.

Users get a say too: they can now tag catalogs, which will in turn appear under a special tab in the brand page. Say you created a catalog of your favorite EA video games and tagged it with the EA brand. Lo and behold: it will appear in the brand page, under the community catalogs tab.

That’s not all. You’ll start seeing recommendations for pages based on your actions on the site in the right rail. You’ll also start seeing links to related pages on your favorite brand page – all a part of our effort to make your life easier and more interesting.

Scan This

New on the mobile front: you can now use our app to scan QR codes – you know, those black and white rectangles that you scan with your smartphone to get all kind of nifty offers, videos etc directly to your phone. Start looking for those in Sears and Kmart stores.

Download our app!


We’re Orange!

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

No need to adjust your glasses folks – as part of the site’s re branding we replaced the blue with bright, pretty orange, making the site look nicer, and a better fit for our SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS loyalty program.

That’s not the only change we made this week, naturally. Take a look at your interests page: there’s a new tab there, recommending cliques and tags we think you’ll find interesting. This is part of our ongoing effort to personalize the site for you (yes, you). Give it a try.

We also took a leap forward in the shopping department. Product pages are cooler now – because users can add images to a product page. It is also easier to find items or categories, since we aligned ourselves with you will now see the exact same product categories on both sites.

Shared by?

And last but not least: the sweepstakes, which are gaining popularity every week, now have a new social capability. Look at a sweepstake and you’ll see which one of your friends shared it. No doubt an interesting bit of information: why not go for that sweepstake your good buddy just signed in to?

There’s also stuff happening behind the scenes: bug fixes and improvements in the mobile app, smoothing out the registration process – like tuning the car’s engine. You can’t see anything, but it just runs smoother.

Enjoy the ride.