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New Features, More Fun!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Wow! We’ve got so many new features coming out that they are nearly coming out at the seams screens! Every direction, everywhere, we’ve got a whole lot of new features to share!

Don’t Lose Out on Potential Purchases

We want you to make the most of your coupons and always save on every purchase.

To ensure you get the best deals, we’ve put up a notification on your profile to alert you when your coupons are about to expire, giving you ample time to use your coupons and still save on all of your purchases.


Pictionary Your Products

Show off your most recent purchases by uploading a photo and then tagging the product’s you’ve purchased.

The new automatic quick window for images gives you an easy opportunity to tag products in your pics. Just view—add products—and share. It’s that easy!


Spread the Love with Share

share button

ShopYourWay is all about social sharing – sending your friends and family what you think is great via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

With new external share buttons easily accessible on all catalog, question, product, category, topic, brand, public figure, store, and venue pages, it’s easy and fun to connect with your friends on other social networks via the Share buttons.


Register to ShopYourWay in One Easy Step

One step—four fields—it’s easy, short, and intuitive.

We’ve created a customized and shortened registration process for those of you entering from other sites.

Quickly connect via Facebook and Twitter, and get down to having fun on ShopYourWay!

Track Your Poll Progress

Ever wonder what happened to those eight polls you answered about how to make the best BBQ? No more wondering—we’re keeping track of your polls for you.

They are now all easily accessible on your profile page.

To see how you compared in the rankings, hit up your profile page, and click on the new tab dedicated to Topical Polls. You can filter polls by department, answer additional questions, and remove past answers.


On the Mobile Front


Member Assist

Need help after store hours? Don’t get frustrated – get Member Assist! A new tweak gives you a call history and details page right at your fingertips, letting you get the assistance you need any time of day.

You can send offline message requests after store hours for store and product pages, allowing you to make choice purchases at all hours of the night.

Coupons, Coupons, and More Coupons

Another mobile innovation to get excited about: more Coupons! Yes, you read correctly, we are giving you a chance to access even more coupons with a special Shop’in mode.

These unique coupons are for use only when you Shop’in, so make sure to download the app and save on the go!

Sneak a Peek at Shop’in

Don’t have Shop’in? We’d ask what you’re waiting for, but…instead we’ve giving you a sneak peek at what you’re missing out on.

We’re making our fabulous topic pages available to you on the go no matter what. Check out topic pages on your mobile device with web pages made just for mobile browsing.

We are also giving those of you who don’t know what ShopYourWay is (what rock have you been living under?) a sneak peek at what you are missing out on. Easy access to mobile tag pages will show you the most recent activity and catalogs that everyone’s talking about.

So go ahead, check it out, but don’t wait too long – you don’t want to miss a thing!