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Trends Reader

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Scour the Internet in a Single Place

Trends Reader is an interactive, responsive reading app that brings forth trending topics, fresh blogs, and the hottest articles from around the Web.

By first detecting trending topics, and then aggregating related articles, Trends Reader allows ShopYourWay users to easily find interesting, relevant, and practical daily reading material.


Reading articles on Trends Reader is a great way to stay up to date about the latest trending topics circulating the web, as well as stay informed about your personal interests.

Read Your Way across the Web

On Trends Reader you can either browse articles by selecting the categories that interest you, or search for a specific topic in the discovery search bar.

Trends Reader is especially great for avid readers; it automatically saves your past reading list so that you can easily go back to share, re-read, or refer to an article you previously browsed.

There is also a tab on Trends Reader that allows you to manage the topics you follow. Along with topics that you already selected, there are two additional lists that present you with suggested topics and the top Editor’s picks so that you can continue expanding your reading and learning.


Out of numerous categories such as consumer electronics, food and groceries, beauty, lawn and garden, health and vitamins, outdoor activities, books/music/videos, baby and toddler, fashion, and home appliances, you can easily and conveniently read your way across the web.

Ready, Set, Read!

To get started, first select the “Apps” tab on the menu bar. If you then click on the second tab labeled “Discover apps” on the drop down app menu, you’ll see Trends Reader along with a number of other apps.

Go ahead and click on Trends Reader, which will then bring you to a User Guide of how to get started.


Once you learn more about what Trends Reader is, you’ll be brought to another page and asked to select which categories you are most interested in.

By selecting different categories on this list, Trends Reader will be able to start you off with the content that you are most interested in.

So go ahead, get started to start reading!

Find What You Need Fast!

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

By Sareena Denis, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

ShopYourWay is serving up some amazing goodies to make the site more informative, helpful, and of course, easier to find the things you are looking for.

How do you feel about that?

community sentiment product full page

This week we’ve completed launch on our amazing Product Sentiment Score!  Ever wonder what other people are browsing, sharing, liking, and purchasing? Well we’re providing this information up front to help you find and buy the products that will suit your needs the best.

Product Sentiment Score is an indication of how other ShopYourWay users feel about a product based on their activity in connection to that product. It uses a number of indicators to calculate a total score between 1 – 10, with a score of 10 being an awesome product.

A product is either interesting, desirable, or a top seller based on several indicators, including the number of times an item was shared, liked, wanted, added to a catalog, or purchased.

community sentiment2

It’s an especially great tool if you are comparing products. You can see what other people bought, how they like it, and easily find and scroll through that product’s reviews by shoppers just like you.

To find the Product Sentiment Score, go to the full page view of a product and scroll down to the product description area. Here you will find a brief Community Sentiment score indicating how the product scored. To get more details about why a product got the score it did, all you have to do is click on the Community Sentiment box to access the full Product Sentiment Score breakdown.

So, start looking for products and make sure to check out its score to see what other people think to get help deciding on your next purchase!

questions2Getting Your Questions Answered

Our second exciting feature that we are hard at work on is the new Q & A section. You can find this new feature on the main menu by clicking on the “Answers” tab.

Here you’ll notice several areas to find different kinds of questions and answers: Top Questions, You Asked, Friends Asked, Ask a Question, and Show All Questions.

Whether your question is about products, “How To” on ShopYourWay, shopping, the best place to find something, entertainment related, or just for fun, you can get it answered here.

What’s also great about Q & A is that it’s a place to socialize and meet other shoppers. Strike up a conversation about sports, and you are sure to find someone either answering or also asking about your interests.

It’s fun to use, easy to answer, and is sure to get your inquisitive side asking!

ask a question


A Solution to Stay Organized

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

This week we’ve got a great new update that is sure to keep you organized as you continue to manage your various pages.


This feature lets you define a set of pages that are connected to one central page. Once defined, these “sub-pages” will appear on a separate tab on the main page. In addition, each sub-page will have an indicator that tells you what central page it belongs to.


The purpose of the sub-pages is to help you stay organized and provide easier access between several similar pages that you are overseeing. It provides a solution to either a chain of stores that are connected to one main store, or a brand or topic with a number of sub-pages.

Another feature that we are launching, which will also help manage store pages, is that each store will soon receive their very own URL. This address will be easier to remember, and will also boost the store’s search engine results.

We hope these new features help improve your page admin experience.

Adding Relevant Holiday Content

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Tagging Content

Adding content relevant to the holidays is a great way to boost your page’s exposure. Whenever a holiday approaches, we make sure to promote content for it on our newsfeed.


When you post an image or video that’s related to a holiday there’s an “Add Tag” option on the bottom of the window. Make sure to always tag relevant content with the correct tags to expose your page.

Note that you can also tag products; just make sure the content you post is interesting and engaging. Remember, it will be exposed to a large number of users on the homepage.

Stick to Top

In other news, we recently extended “Stick to Top” to catalogs so that you can move an important product or story closer to the top of the newsfeed. Doing so will give the item more visibility to page visitors.

One great way to use this is to move the most important stories and products to the top of your page. This will not only ensure exposure, but will help users as they search for the latest and greatest products and stories.

A New Discovery Menu

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

It’s new, it’s pretty – and it’s all about discovery. Yes, after weeks of hard work we have launched the new site menu, and it’s a whole new experience.

The main purpose of the new design is to help users find content that’s interesting and relevant. We want to expose users to the most interesting and engaging content on the site.


And this is where you come in. You’ll notice that each category – brands, topics, and catalogs – has a tab of recommendations. Think your page should be in the spotlight? Let us know!

Pages that look great and are consistently updated will get to be on top. So polish up that page, and send us a link if you want some great exposure.

Make Them Notice

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

If you manage a page, we know how important it is to show the best content first, as it gets seen the most by your page visitors. To ensure that your visitors always see the most relevant content, you can use the “Stick to Top” feature for stories on your page.

To use, simply hover over an item, either one you posted or one posted by users, wait for the pop-up box to appear, and click “Stick to Top.” Sticking a story will move it to the top of the newsfeed. You can stick up to ten stories at one time, and always switch them around with newer content.


To unstick a story, hover over the story, wait for the pop-up box to appear, and click “Un-stick.” Your story with then be moved back to its original spot.

Try it out by playing with the order of stories on your page and watch as the most important items get the coverage they deserve.

Show off Your Catalogs!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

We wanted to let you know about a great new feature that lets you put your favorite items into a visual context!

The Cover Image tool is a fantastic way for users, and especially page managers, to take an image, upload it to your profile, and then directly tag items in your catalogs.
This gizmo also allows you to showcase your creativity and favorite items in an actual setting, making the site more interactive and fun to use.

It’s super-easy to use! Go to your Catalogs page, hover over a catalog, and select “Upload Cover Image” from the menu that appears.


Start by selecting an image to upload (within the parameters of how to “Choose the Right Image”), click “Upload,” then adjust the image size and position. When you are done, click “Set Cover Image” and start tagging the photo.


To tag the photo, click anywhere on the image, and then select the products in your catalog that go with the picture. When you are finished tagging, make sure to click “Done Tagging” so save.


You can change, adjust, or replace the cover image of a catalog at any time, which makes it easy to switch things up and personalize your page to how you like it. Checkout some examples:

The Ideal Halloween Batman Costume!




Sofia’s Cutest Outfits


Thanks and enjoy catalog-making!

Promote Your Page

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

We wanted to let you know about some great new ways to ensure higher visibility for the posts you publish on your page.

When you post an image or a video that’s related to a certain holiday or event, there’s an “Add tag” option on the bottom of the window. Click it, type the relevant tag – e.g. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving – and that’s it—you’re done!

Note that you can also tag products, but in most cases they will already have been tagged automatically – so make sure it’s really necessary before doing so.


You can start using “Add Tags” right now! Holiday tags will be promoted until a day after the holiday itself.


Important: Please make sure the content is relevant to specific holidays and tags, and that it’s interesting and engaging. Remember, it will be exposed to a large number of users on the homepage.

Also – don’t post too many items at once, as they’ll get lost in the flood. One item every once in a while will be enough.

Measure Your Page’s Performance

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

We’ve got some very exciting news for you – your requests have been answered and your page is now equipped with a powerful statistics tab. Yup, you can now see how your page is doing and how your users react to it.

Eager to take a look? Go to your page under the admin identity and you’ll notice a new tab called “page stats.” Click on it and see how many visits your page got, how active and engaged your users are, and most important of all, trending topics.

The great thing about the stats tab is that you can gauge if you’re doing things right, or should adjust and change. If the trend is positive, then you’re doing great. If it’s negative, there’s no need to panic, it just means you should try a new approach on the page.

This is just a first step; we have more options and features designed to help you understand your followers better, and manage an awesome page.