Keeping it Simple

Notice anything new on the site? Take a look at your newsfeed – not quite the same right? Right. We added a little something we like to call a “sticky” right rail. Why? Because it sticks to the top right of the newsfeed and doesn’t let go! It’s like Spiderman up there. 

Right now you can find some suggested activities just for you on the right rail. That’s right: our incredibly smart system personalizes these recommendations according to your tastes and preferences on the site.

So check it out – and stay tuned for some more cool features in that sticky real estate.

That’s not the only thing we’ve been working on, of course. There’s a small but crucial improvement we implemented in our search engine: searching for pages.

When you search for something, you’ll notice a tab called – surprise – pages. Clicking on it will show you all pages relevant to your search query. Simple and easy to use.

It’s Multiplying!

Speaking of pages, if you’re managing one, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now easier to share the load. Page admins can now add more admins from the settings page, letting anyone in their friends list edit the page, and do whatever it is admins do. Go on, don’t be shy. Invite some friends over to manage your page.

And finally, let’s talk about design and good looks. First of all we made a small but important adjustment to infographics – that cool tool that lets us show you interesting info through nifty visuals. Take a look and you’ll see we added some additional helpful info to the feature.

And finally – we added some pre-designed images to our category pages. And they do look awesome. Check it out – and stay tuned!


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