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Smart Tagging and Easy Comparisons

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

Sweepstakes are hot – we just launched them, and users are already flocking to them. And why not? They’re simple and fun, and the prizes are cool.

This week they even got a little better. All of our sweepstakes are tagged, to easily distinguish between them according to what they’re all about. So it only makes sense to have a clear connection between various tag pages – cliques and brands, for example – and sweepstakes.

So: when you visit your favorite brand page, you’ll notice a link for Contests & Sweepstakes on the left nav. clicking on it will show you all sweeps relevant to this particular brand. Easy and elegant. Hover your mouse over a sweepstake and you’ll see all relevant tags on the nice looking quickview.

Which One Should I Get?

Browsing a product and trying to decide whether to buy it or not? We’re here to lend a helping hand. Our new comparison tool will provide similar products to compare to before going for your wallet. Shopping just got smarter!


Follow the Mobile

Our magnificent iPhone app has a new version packed with new stuff. SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS users can now activate an offline account, and if you’re not a member yet – well you can use your shiny mobile to join.

The app will also show you who wants to follow you and let you approve him (or not). What else? Tag pages – cliques and brands – are supported, and clicking on a relevant story will take you to right page. add some menu improvements to the mix, and you’ve got an exciting week on the mobile front.



A New Name, A New Way, New Features

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at ShopYourWay

It’s been quite hectic around here lately – perhaps you noticed? A new logo? Well – we’ve got a new name, ShopYourWay, and it comes with great responsibility – and some cool features.

New logo, new name

The new ShopYourWay will integrate the Rewards loyalty program with the social aspects of the site, offering a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Just think of all the amazing possibilities when combining the excellent SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS program with personalization and a social network.

You can already see the first signs of what the future holds in our new Contests & Sweepstakes page. Aside from informing you on what sweepstakes are available, the page also enables you to share them with friends, and follow the relevant tags. And this is just the beginning.


You will also notice the site looks better, has a SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS survey you should take (you’ll get better offers and deals, it’s worth your while), and some tools to help REWARDS Members do all kind of stuff, like easily find their missing points.

In the following weeks you can expect more great features combining social and loyalty into one great experience. We’re just warming up.

The Mobile Way

Naturally, our mobile app didn’t lag behind. You can say it actually took a big leap forward. Aside from being renamed ShopYourWay, it went through some serious changes: a completely new look, with a smart and easy menu, a completely new and improved chat, a SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Members quick access, the addition of a sign in via a 3rd party option (you know – Twitter, AOL and so on) and lots more.

This is the definitive version of our app – and it’s only going to get better.

Enjoy the new site and let us know what you think!