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For Your Eyes Only

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

This week we’re dealing with the sensitive fine art of privacy. The age of social networking created new challenges and questions regarding what remains your own private affair, and what is in the public domain.

Take our site for example. On one hand, you want to share your choices, reviews and questions. You want to help others in making wise purchase decisions, and get their two cents regarding yours.
On the other hand, you don’t want everyone knowing everything all the time. You want to stay in control.

So we upgraded our privacy settings to let you do just that. Now you can choose who can follow you and see your information – everyone, or just the people you chose to approve. You can see who requested permission to follow you, and check out their profile before deciding. And if you made a mistake and changed your mind – you can always block a user you’re not sure of from following you.


Stay Tuned

We’ve got some big surprises coming. We can’t say more than that – only that you really should check out the site next week.

You’ve Got the Power

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

This week we’re launching a new feature that may, on first glance, appear minor. We’re letting users tag products. Sounds simple right? Every user will now be able to add a tag to every product according to his knowledge or taste. Are you an apple fan? You can add the tag “cool” to the iPhone 4s page. Care about the environment? Tag products as “green”.

The reason this is no small matter for us is that we see it as a small step towards an important goal. We want to hand over the decision making to you guys. Instead of us making all of the calls, we want to use your wisdom, knowledge and experience. After all, there are so many of you and so few of us, right?

Tagging products is just a part of this. You can already create catalogs, upload pictures and share videos. Now we want you to not only share your views and tastes, but actually take part in molding and changing the site and making it better for all users – and for you.

Mobile deals

Special Offers on Mobile

Shop Your Way Rewards users get another boost to their mobile experience. Now you check our cool iPhone app for special offers just for members. Browsing in a store? Whip out your mobile and see what’s hot.

And One More Beauty Item

That lovely new discover page we bragged about? Well it just got a little better. Browse the products on the page, and notice they now have a nice quick view enabling you to interact with the items you like. Nice.

It’s All About the View

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

It’s not like we’re shallow – but this week is all about eye candy. A vanity post, if you will.

Last week we told you about the new banners on brand pages, controlled by the page admins. No sooner did we release this capability, than the admins started to go wild with it. Check it out and click on the images to see the brand pages themselves:

Lego Star Wars


HBO SopranosHoly brand, Batman


That’s not all, in the looks department. We streamlined the site, going for elegance and panache. The search box is leaner and lovelier, and the status box is flatter and better looking. Plus, you can now share a product directly from it!


Interested in anything else?

Two other major improvements combine better looks with better functionality. Click on a product you like, or own, or think about owning. The product page now has recommendations for other products you may be interested in, related of course to the one you’re browsing. Relevant, smart and adds color to the page.

Also, the quick view layer is now present in even more areas of the site, enabling you to interact with the product of your choice without too many clicks. Comfort and style folks. That’s us.

The Mobile Way

And on the mobile front: if you’re a Shop Your Way Rewards member – rejoice! From now on you can carry your member card in your iPhone. It’s just permanently there. Pick some items, show your mobile to the associate when you pay – and get some points. Nice and easy.

Discover Your Inner Hero

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

It’s 2012. The festivities are over, time to get back on track, and start fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions.

Our goals haven’t changed and we’re moving ahead at full steam. This week we’re adding another feature to our lovely brands, giving admins the ability to control banners – we call them Hero banners – on their brand page.

The brand owner will be able to upload up to 5 different images, giving him more control of the content and tone of his brand page, making it easier to stand out of the crowd. We want to let the brand admin have a real influence on the page, and mold it according to the brand’s values and image. The Hero banners are another important step in that direction.

Easy on the Eyes

Meanwhile we’re working on improving the site’s looks, and in a big way. There’s so much new stuff we don’t even know where to start. But here goes.


There’s a new product discovery page in town. Gone are the small formal pictures – feast your eyes on cool large images that just make you want to go click and explore. Check out the tabs on the top of the page – no more searching through menus, just click the right tab and see those products that really interest you. You can easily reach it by clicking that green link on the top right of the homepage. Enjoy.

We also changed the notification icon and added snazzy new icons to the left navigation. Each menu item now has a small stylish icon matching its function. Nice.

The next month is going to be hectic for us: we have big exciting plans for the site that will change and enhance the user experience dramatically. Stay tuned



Decorating and Looking Pretty for the New Year

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

Hello 2012! We were busy here, dressing up for the New Year’s festivities, and making the site even cooler looking than it already is.

Happy New Year!

First things first: we’ve got a nice logo and 2 new cliques for you holiday buffs. The New Year Deciders clique is all about New Year’s resolutions – sharing yours and seeing what others want to achieve. The Countdown Party People clique is about partying – welcoming the New Year in style, and keeping the party going well into 2012!

Meanwhile, we’ve been working on getting the site itself ready for 2012. Take a look at the left navigation column: notice it’s prettier and more organized? See how your Shop Your Way Rewards information is clearly visible and more detailed, on the page’s top? Now you can easily see your VIP progress and anything else you might need.

That’s not all. We’ve also redesigned our help pages. Now, whenever you’ll want to learn more about a certain feature, you’ll be able to do so in a better organized and easier to navigate help section.

Empowering Brand Owners

We’re not done yet. As you probably noticed, we’ve been working hard on brands lately. We think brands are cool and interesting, and we want our site to reflect that. Now brand owners get more admin capabilities, enabling them to create an even better user experience for their community.

The new tools let brand owners control the type of content published on the brand news feed or the brand followers feed, decide who gets to publish on the page and lots more. The end result will be a more exciting and interesting brand page. Nice.

Have a great year!

New Year deciders