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Major Changes in Cliques and Christmas Too

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social


‘Tis the season, right now, and we’ve got several reasons to be jolly. As you can see by our decorated logo we’re deep into the holiday spirit, with 2 new cliques: Present Hunters and Christmas Decorators. All you Christmas enthusiasts are invited to share your wishlists, decoration tips, tree pics and so on.

Christmas is here

And speaking of cliques, we’ve made some major changes to all of them. Visit your favorite clique and check it out: on the left navigation you can see a products link. Clicking on it will give you a list of all items relevant to your clique’s topic. Nifty. Following the bookworms clique? You’ll see books, E-readers, armchairs for comfy reading and lots more.

But that’s only the beginning. Cliques are no longer a closed members only club. Let’s say you don’t want to follow the Joggers clique – not ready to commit to it just yet. Yet you do have sage advice for runners. Well just go ahead and speak your mind. As of now, non-members can express themselves on cliques freely too.

And last but definitely not least: follow a clique and you’ll notice your newsfeed just got way more interesting. How so? Say you’re a Fashionista at heart. Start following our fashion clique and notice how your newsfeed starts filling up with great clothes, shoes, jewels, accessories and what not. We’re just smart like that.

The Cavalry is Coming

Look closely at your newsfeed and you’ll notice help stories, designed to further explain features on Sears Social. Check them out and let us know what you think. Also in the works: a new and improved help page. Coming soon…




New Stories, Cool Brands, Friendly Mobile

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

Continuing last week’s brand festivities, we have – as these lines are being written – over 20 brands with loving and caring owners. Check out, for example, the Nike, Shop Your Way Rewards and Apple pages and you’ll find cool new content to enjoy and interact with.

Nike brand page

And this is just the beginning. We plan to let brand owners have more and more control over brand pages and the user experience. Changing logos, adding outside links, creating user activities and communicating with the community – it’s all coming soon to a brand page near you. we even set up a nice and easy guide for brand owners. We’re that nice.

It’s Hot

We got some new and cool stories for you – search your feed and ye shall find the latest headlines about the newest most desired gadgets around. Find out what’s happening with the new iPhone, the Galaxy Nexus or the Kindle Fire – and check their prices right here at Sears Social.


Shop Your Way Mobile-Style

We keep taking huge giant like steps towards fully integrating your Shop Your Way Rewards experience with our mobile app. now you can see your current status, manage your points, see all your account history and filter it any way you like, and much more. So go mobile, it’s the bomb.

Brands Moving Forward and More Sharing

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

As we told you last week, brands are now up for grabs – users can try and claim brand ownership and control the brand page’s content. We started last week by letting users send in their brand ownership request. This week we’ve started adding owner capabilities.

Shop Your Way Rewards gets MGMT

If you’ll check out our brand pages you’ll start seeing changes. Owners will be able to publish stories as brands – stories that will appear in your newsfeed. So start following the brands you like, and see what surprising cool content pops up in your feed.

Share the joy

Share, and Do It Fast 

‘Tis the season and everyone’s in a sugar coated mood. Accordingly, we made it even easier to share content with your Sears Social friends and spread the joy. First we added the ability to recommend from the quickview, now you can also share – who knows what we’ll think of next.

Activate, Link, Shop 

We’re keeping up the good work on integrating Shop Your Way Rewards features into Sears Social. Now you can easily link your Shop Your Way Rewards account with your Sears Social one, or you’re your membership online. Redeemable points and social, oh my.




Take Control, Shop In, Get Offers

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

Brands were always important to us, and now we’re trying something exciting and new – letting go of them. We’re letting you manage brands, and decide what will go around in a brand page, what kind of content the brand followers will see and so on.

Before you get too excited, brand ownership is not to be handled lightly. We intend to make sure only official brand representatives become brand owners. However, those lucky devils may decide they need the help of some loyal fans who’ll act as page administrators. So who, knows, you might get lucky. Also, in the future, you can expect tag ownership – stay tuned.

Stores You’ve Been to, Items You Want

Coming soon on mobile: did you Shop in at one of our stores? Cool. in the very near future you’ll be able to see a list of stores you visited on the site and follow them. And even better, once you Shop in your iPhone will alert you if one of your wishlist items is on sale in this particular store.


You’re all out of wishes you say? We’ll show you products your friends were interested in. maybe you’ll find something you like. All that, combined with our improved chat, your friends’ tips about the store you’re in and your Shop Your Way Rewards info, makes mobile a unique and fun shopping tool.