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Faster, Stronger, and Some Deals

Friday, October 28th, 2011

By Noam Resehf, Community Manager at Sears Social

You’re a busy (or perhaps a lazy) user. You don’t have time (or energy) for clicking through page after page. And since we’re here to indulge your every whim, we made things a little easier for you.

Let’s say you just saw an interesting product in your news feed. Hover over the product picture with your mouse. See that magnifying glass icon? Click on it, don’t be afraid. And presto! You get a nice window with all the information you need, enabling you to buy the product, add it to a catalog and whatnot. How great is that.

We Give the Orders Around Here

Remember that cool shirt you bought, using your Shop Your Way Rewards points? Feel like sharing with the world how good it makes you look? Or recommending it to a friend?  Well don’t hold yourself back. Go to your Shop Your Way Rewards history and check out your orders. You can easily see all the stuff you bought – and interact with it. Yes, we know, it’s cool.

Sizzling Hot Deals

Get them while they’re hot: we’ve got great deals for you, popping up in your newsfeed. We’re talking online, and we’re talking low prices. Look for them on a computer screen near you.

History, Ghosts and Goblins, and a Little Know How

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

By Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

We want to make life simpler for you. Easier. For example: why should you try so hard to remember what you bought, and how much you spent? Shouldn’t someone as busy as you have some help with that?

Well, here we are, ready to assist as ever. We just added a page with your full Shop Your Way Rewards history, giving you an extremely detailed account of your actions, the points you’ve earned and everything else you could possibly want to know.

Scare Us, Please

Last week we told you about the new Halloween cliques, and this week we’re taking it a little further. Notice the new holiday activities box on the top right? Each time we have special holiday activities – contests and what not – we’ll use this lovely spot to let you know it’s happening. So for starters, tell us about the scariest book you’ve read, share a clip from your favorite horror movie, or upload a cool in costume pic.

Knowledge is Power

We just made your news feed that much more helpful. Check out the new ManageMyLife stories – they’ll tell you how to get in shape, rake leaves from your yard or save gas while driving your car. Practical and interesting.

Mobile, You Ask?

We’re iOs5 compatible now. Just give our app a try and see.



Shop It Like It’s Hot

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

by Noam Reshef, Community Manager at Sears Social

This week is about taking our relationship with our users to the next level. The warm and fuzzy level.

We started out by making you feel welcome. New to the site, or just not signed in? Next time you drop by you’ll see a nice big Banner, welcoming you to Sears Social, explaining why you should stay and play with us, and all in all acting like the perfect host.

Once you step inside you’ll find familiar faces: if you are a member of Shop Your Way Rewards (if not – you should be, check it out here) you’ll be happy to discover stories about special deals and opportunities for SYWR members in our newsfeed.

Follow That Store!

Up until now Sears Social helped you find stores near you, and that was that. We decided it just wasn’t enough. After all we are trying to bring social interaction to shopping, right?

So from now on you can follow stores.

Pick the one near your house or near your place of work, click follow and soon you’ll start receiving useful and money saving information about the place. It’s online shopping and brick and mortar stores living in perfect harmony.

My Brands, My Local Deals — and Everybody’s Holiday Cliques

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

My Brands, Your Brands

This week is about making it a little more personal. We told you about brands before, and how you can follow the ones you like. Now you can check out our new “My Brands” page and see all of your favorites in one place.

Better yet: go over to one of your friend’s profile page and check out what his favorite brands are. Maybe you’ll discover you missed some cool ones. Or maybe you’ll suddenly decide you need some new friends.

I Got Your Deals Right Here

On the mobile front we’ve added one of the hottest buzzwords around the web – local. Now you’ll be able to check out special deals near you, and even get a heads up if the product you’re browsing happens to be on sale.

Scary Cliques

Halloween is creeping just around the (haunted) corner, and we’re getting ready for it. We launched two new cliques – Ghostbusters, for you horror lovers out there, and Trick or Treaters, for you guys who actually intend to dress up and demand candies, or wait at home ready to supply the sweets and snacks.

The new cliques will be where holiday activities take place: you’re more than welcome to share your pictures, videos and holiday related experiences on the new Halloween cliques.