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Creativity Dojo Results – Internal Tools

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

See the previous posts: Dojo –  Web Apps and Dojo – Mobile Apps.

Some people used the time at the Creativity Dojo to build tools that serve the Delver team:

QUTIE – the quality testing framework

Some of the back-end features we work on are harder to test for quality. For example: de-duplication of products, search results ordering, extracting of information from web pages. These features manipulate very large numbers of objects and so, it’s hard to judge both 1) whether the results improved or not vs. the previous version 2)whether serious bug were introduced.

Ofer developed a framework (dubbed QUTIE for “quality testing”, yeah I know…) that takes example “correct” output data  and compares it to the data that the system being tested generates. This streamlines and simplifies the QA work for such features:

Read Ofer’s post about QUTIE.

iPhone App Installer

When developing and testing our iPhone app, we’re constantly working on a bunch of different versions and branches of code.

Rudy developed an app that let’s you quickly install a particular version/branch to your iPhone. This app integrates with our automated build system and help with quickly testing new code for the iPhone:

Virtual Servers Monitoring

Anatoly developed a tool to monitor usage and performance of our virtual servers:

Creativity Dojo Results – Mobile Apps

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

This is the second post about things we built during the Sears Israel Creativity Dojo. Read the first post about Web Apps here.

Protect the Environment App

Gilad and Anya developed an app to help Environment Protection Volunteers (נאמן נקיון) document environmental pollution offenses.

The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection runs a program to enforce anti-pollution laws where volunteers that go through special training can file reports when they see someone polluting the environment. The polluters are then fined. The apps helps the volunteer record the offense in real-time to help with later filling out the required report:

Universal text app

Tali and Guy developed an app that helps reach someone using many methods of communication at once. You can send an SMS, a Google Talk message and an email all at once. Now you can always find the person you need:

Creativity Dojo Results – Web Apps

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

Last week, we held a Creativity Dojo (AKA Hacakton) at the Sears Israel offices. People assembled into teams and worked through Wednesday and Thursday on different kinds of projects with the goal of having something awesome and working to show on Sunday. Many people worked on more than one project and (needless to say) kept working throughout the weekend.

The results were demoed on Sunday and the amount of cool stuff that got done is amazing. People created:

  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Tools and frameworks for internal use
  • New designs and concepts for Delver
  • Promotional/Crazy/Cool videos and other funky stuff

Let’s review some of the things that were built, starting with…

Web apps

Eyal, Ronen, Shani, Osnat and Moti built a new Delver Team Website :

Nizan, TomerS, Vitaly and Itzik created a “Lunch app” to help people organize their lunch plans either when going out or ordering in:

Avishay, Gadi and Ken create the greatest URL shortener in the world:

This URL shortening service was quickly picked up by Ynet (Hebrew only).