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Creativity Dojo

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

By Shani Raba & Moran Benisty, Engineers at

A creativity dojo offers exciting time to collaborate, explore, innovate and promote your ideas.

It is an opportunity to experiment with new technologies, create cutting edge prototypes and push the boundaries of the known and the familiar.

The point is to promote concepts, thoughts and dreams that never fit in the agenda.

We at SHC IL will have a creativity dojo on Feb 23rd – 24th while the outcome of all efforts will be presented on Sunday Feb. 27th.

You can do anything that comes to mind, for instance:

  • Build a cool iPhone app
  • Create a hilarious flick capturing the spirit of the team
  • Revolutionize the source control tool
  • Redesign and recraft the website’s design and layout
  • Invent puzzles to challenge (or frustrate) potential job applicants

How does it work? Very simple:

  • You have an idea – share with others.
  • Find teammates (tip: a great pitch can help you get enthusiastic assistants, but good old fashioned bribes work just as well).
  • Shape your idea – make it sharper and clearer. Guesstimate mile stones so you would make it on time.
  • Just have fun…

In addition we will have:

  • Food – the important part! it is believed that software engineers are motivated by Pizza and Sushi. Our best people are researching this field.
  • Music
  • Snacks in between

The dojo is for the Delver team only (but, we are hiring)

Stay tuned

New features on the iPhone app

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

by Guy Haimovitch, Product Manager

New Catalog Screen

The catalog screen’s new design and functionality allows you to “Like” a catalog, view its description and easily access comments made on the catalog itself and on items inside the catalog.

Commenting on items in catalog

It’s now possible to comment on items in the context of the catalog they are in.

Simply tap the item’s button and read the available comments or add your own 2 cents.

New Types of Notifications are Available

You will now be updated in real-time when people comment on items in your catalog or on your recent activity.

New Recent Activity Content

Your recent activity feed will now include stories that describe the comments your friends made on different products and on items located inside catalogs.