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New Delver Features

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

Here are two new things you can do on Delver:

Friend’s Birthday – Remind me Later

Delver reminds you whenever one of your friends have a birthday soon, so you have enough time to check out their wish list and buy them a little something.

Now – you can ask Delver to remind you again a bit later:

iPhone App – Product Available in Store Near You

When looking at a product using the Delver iPhone App – you are now notified if the product is available from a nearby store. You can see store information like opening hours and locate the store on a map:

New Features on Delver

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

Yesterday we’ve added some new features to and the Delver iPhone app:

Friends Page

We’ve made the “friends” page more interesting by showing, for each friend, the mutual friends and the friend’s current status message:

New friend display

Search suggestions

If you are by mistake searching for something using the wrong search (for example: search “Eui Chung” in “products”) – Delver will suggest to try the other search types:

Othes search types suggestion

Collecting more free-form opinions from users

When browsing your friends’ activity on Delver, it’s fun to be able to see some explanations about why they rated a particular product the way they did or why they added some product to a particular catalog.

Delver will ask user to enter some optional text when performing specific actions, for example:

Write a comment when adding to catalog

Comment when adding to catalog

Add a one-liner after rating a product

One liner after rating a product

Reminder to enter catalog description for catalogs with more than 5 items

Catalog description after adding 5 items

iPhone App

Reviews and Comments by User

You can now view all reviews and comments made by a specific user in Delver. You can do this by visiting the user’s “Content” screen and tapping “Reviews” or “Comments”:

iPhone - reviews and comments by user

More Notification Types

A new design and new types of notifications are now available in the notifications screen:

  • When someone commented on your catalog
  • When someone commented on a product after you
  • When a friend gave you permission to edit a catalog
  • When a friend recommended a product to you
  • When a friend unlocked a badge