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New Features on Delver

Monday, August 30th, 2010

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

Here are some new features we’re launching on Delver today:

Improved Product Search Ranking

We’ve improved the ranking of product search results, especially in searches related to movies, music, books and video games.

Here’s an example:

Enhanced Profile Page Layout

We rearranged the layout of the profile page to show more information and a larger profile picture in the same space. For example:

Visual Catalogs

We made several enhancements to the “visual catalogs” feature, where you can upload an image to a catalog and then tag products in it.

For example:

  • You can now add and tag product in more than one image per catalog. Use the “Add catalog image” link to add images.
  • You can have the image that you tagged product in also serve as the catalog’s “cover image”, which means it will represent this catalog everywhere across the website. Click “Make Cover” below the image to set it as the cover image.
  • You can add a description for the image you tag products in – just click “Add image description”.

  • When a product is tagged in an image, you can click the new “Tagged” link next to it to see where the product was tagged in the image.

Enhanced “Add to Catalog” Dialog

“My catalogs” and “Catalogs I can edit” are now displayed in one list.

A particular catalog can be quickly found by starting to type its name in the filter above the catalogs list.

Invite Friends Enhancements

When you send an email invite to a friend and they join Delver – you’re automatically connected as friends on Delver.

Enhanced Display of Suggested Users

Suggested users to follow based on mutual interests are now better surfaced in the “suggested users” on home page.

iPhone App

Click here to install the free Delver for iPhone app.

Recent Activity Aggregation

We’re now aggregating related stories in the Recent Activity feed to show more information in less space:

Larger Pictures

You can now tap on pictures uploaded by users in the recent activity, catalog and poll screens to see the large version of the picture.

Cool Features on Delver for iPhone

Monday, August 30th, 2010

by Gadi Lifshitz, Mobile Development Group Manager

How many times have you found yourself staring at a couple of products in a store, unable to decide which one will fit your needs better? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could consult your rich network of friends and get feedback and recommendations while you’re in the store? What you need is Delver for iPhone!

Once installed (get it here) and signed in, you can see the recent activity by all of your friends, see their profiles and catalogs, and even update your current status (for example – “Shopping for a new pair of shoes…”).

But wait, that’s not all – there are some really cool features that really bring out the best of having a social shopping experience on your mobile device:

  • Barcode scanning – from the search menu you can either type the product name to search, or, when in store, you can choose to scan the product barcode and get an immediate view of its ratings, reviews and price range!

Barcode scanningBarcode scanning

  • Setting an image as your status – your mobile device is also a camera you carry around everywhere. Using Delver for iPhone you can easily snap a picture and set it as your current status (and a picture is worth a thousand words…).

Setting image as status

  • Help Me Choose  – with images:  When walking around in a store, you see a couple of shirts that may look nice on you, just try it on, take a picture of the shirt on you, then easily create an instant ‘Help Me Choose which shirt looks better on me’  poll, and with a single tap share it with your friends. Furthermore – you will get push notifications whenever someone votes on your poll.

Help me choose

  • If you’re not into publishing a poll right now, you can add any image taken by your iPhone to one of your catalogs just as easily…

Add to catalog

That’s it for now, more on the great things you can do with your iPhone on Delver to come!

If you have any suggestion, idea or a feature you would like to see added – drop us a note!

Shopping Together

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

We recently launched a feature that we’re very proud of. We call it Shopping Together.

Now you can chat with your friends when you’re on using the “Shopping together” box at the bottom right of any page in

In addition to chatting with your friend, you can share your browsing with them by clicking the “start sharing” link at the bottom of the chat room. This means that your friend will see what products, catalogs and profiles you’re browsing on Delver. You can use this to show your friends things you like and talk about them at the same time. It’s like going shopping together.

If you want, you can “follow” your friends wherever they go on Delver by clicking “watch” next to their name in the chat room. Delver will make sure you’re both at the same page at the same time. This is what we mean by “shopping together”.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

by Pasha Bitz, Product Manager

Hi there, welcome to our new blog!

If you haven’t heard of Delver yet – it’s a new social shopping application.

We’re currently in private beta – you can ask for an invite here:

This is our team’s blog where we’ll post about new features, technology, web and more.